Eight Dents Available – NOW!

Just a note. Rebecca isn’t dealing much with retail now – concentrating on weaving. If and when she renews retail, I’ll back out of 8-dents directly so she can present 8-dents and tools exclusively again. But, for now I have a number of 8-dent looms available – Tiny, Regular, and Intermediate sizes for Bird’s Eye Maple, some other domestics, but mostly exotics. As a reminder, I only deal with sources that offer woods from renewable forests or naturally felled trees. If you have my price list dated December 15, 2015, you can order the looms above in 8-dent by adding $5 each to the price in the list. Most orders are sent next business day. If you know what you want, send the list, quantities, and mailing address.

Thanks for looking!

And, warmer weather, Cat’s trike has returned and my Honda is ready. We’ll be riding a LOT whenever we can. My Custom Chopper (with the buzzard and vulture painted on the gas tank) is in for a clutch master cylinder, dyno tune, and an oil leak. I’m Very anxious for the return home………….




DSCN2094 DSCN2095A refined tapestry weaver in California commissioned me to make her several very special looms. One was a LARGE loom – 20 x 20 – three each. I finally got time to produce her looms – and I came up with one that is similar to my normal “large” loom – but outsized and with two handles! See the photo – isn’t that neat or what! The voids in the handle were filled with clear epoxy and small turquoise nuggets. Pretty neat. Processing the set of looms, and I made a few extra “just in case”, caused my hands to be sorta stained orange from the Padauk wood. It’s taken several days for it to wear off, too. Scrubbing with Fast Orange and Lava soaps did no good. Now my hands don’t look as if I’ve not washed in a month. Heck, I wash several times a day whether I need it or not……

Cat’s been helping me with several things in the shop – cutting hundreds of loom ends for the teeth – even the 8-dents! Other tasks include helping apply Danish Oil to my finished work, marking machine cuts for tools, and even packing orders. I’m so incredibly proud of her! Her efforts on ebay to dispose of many of my discontinued tools has me with great success. We do work together well. Cat’s even found time to do some actual weaving on the 48″ 8-H Structo – and the projects look so wonderful.

Cat’s Harley trike is down for new mufflers – one fell off and was lost on our last ride. We’ll pick the trike up sometimes next week. Crossroads Cycles in Rio Rancho is remarkably efficient and so knowledgeable. My Big Dog Custom chopper is down too. That last ride saw the hydraulic clutch die AGAIN.  Riding it without a clutch and dry shifting for over 100 miles is no fun….. I’ll take it up to Rich at Crossroads for repair soon. No hurry, though, as I still have the Honda.  Don’t Honda’s just go and go and go, or what!

8-Dent looms are available again – thru Rebecca Mezoff’s website. Look her up at: http://rebeccamezoff.us/shop/ . Rebecca is about the busiest person I know. Well, I’m busy too… She’s scheduled for many activities for the coming year. If you get a chance, check it out.

Other items are in the mill at my shop – very large runs of my End-Of-Warp shuttles are next, AGAIN…. Many other tools are in the hopper too. I’ll get a round “tuit” to help me complete everything. Wait, I’ll never ever catch up.  The new “Fallout Shelter” is almost completely set up inside.  It’s wonderful to  have such a good facility to store and pack finished goods!

My eyes are GOOD still! I’m so relieved to have such good fortune.  I’m blessed.

The best of everything to all. We’re headed down the hill for our perpetual Saturday Night Date!