FINALLY! The run of 60 spiders in 6 sizes is finally DONE! We’ve had two of the bowling ball size in the front garden and two on exterior walls of the new garage and old Bike House for a few years. Have been wanting to do another large run in several more sizes for awhile. Took me long enough…….  Now, time to do a special project for a dear old friend then for certain cranking up the new very large wood lathe.  Have not been spending a lot of time in the shop due to health issues. Hopefully things will improve.  The hearing aids permit me to actually hear things!
The ’41 Ford pickup build completion is getting closer……..

Sheila’s Tapestry

Here is a remarkable tapestry by a friend – Sheila. She’s studying with Rebecca Mezoff who reports that this image from Sheila is quite good! I LOVE it too and hope that you enjoy it a Lot!  I’m very very proud of Sheila – her talent is remarkable!
Sheila and her husband (Bob) shopped with me for weaving tools when I was going out of business. He put me in touch with Stephen of Green Monkey Coachworks in Santa Fe – he’s building our ’41 Ford Fl-1 pickup. The truck is almost complete – satisfying a lifelong dream of mine. It’s my favorite body style in a motor vehicle of all those in history…..
Cat continues to organize her quitting weaving sale…….. I’ll post about that when it’s ready.

Last week I sent one of my “Little Chairs” to Ken and Suz Lewis in Michigan.  They will be Grandparents for the first time soon and I wanted to share a chair for their coming miracle!  I’ve known Ken longer than anyone except for Glenn.  Ken and I fished innumerable times in Alaska.  I have as much respect for Ken and Suz as anyone I’ve ever known…
I continue to have some challenging physical issues and am able to spend such a small amount of time in the shop. That time has been working on the welded spiders! About 50 of the 60 run are DONE – the others when I can get time to finish. I should post very soon with photos.
Hang in there.