Bev’s Looms

I occasionally do things that are unpredictable. Surprises are always the best. I had an interaction with Bev recently and directed her to a dealer who had some of my product left. In that exchange she reveled that her 80’s Father had been a B-58 pilot. That struck me as I maintained the photo systems at Bunker Hill AFB in Indiana and Little Rock AFB in Arkansas. We were at Bunker Hill AFB at the same time as well as one of my years in Vietnam in the 60’s. I have a few 8×10’s of the B-58’s so sent her a couple to share with her Father. He was appropriately thankful. Then I did one of my unpredictable things. I made her two of my looms in my favorite wood – Cocobolo – and sent them as a gift.  Can you see the excitement in her eyes in the photo?

That sort of thing is something I do now and then. I keep one of my Little Chairs in both the truck and Corvette. Monday we were at the Socorro Hospital. The nurse doing check in revealed that she had a 9-month old daughter. So I retrieved the chair from the truck and gave it to her.   At our Post Office recently I gave another chair in similar circumstances. Last evening the recipient brought a hot pan of hot rolls! I do these things simply because it feels good and absolutely expecting nothing in return.

I wish more people would have a similar outlook in their lives.


Glenn’s Friend

Here is a rattler that my log time friend found today in the pen with the goats and donkey. We have encountered many rattlers here on our place but none nearing this size. We’re so relieved that Glenn and Sue are ok…..  I’ve known Glenn for about 65 years.  We lived our childhood very very hard.

Visited Star Tattoos in Corrales today.  I have an appointment with Raven for a new vulture on my right forearm.  Look forward to the new one…

BP today best in over a YEAR.  Not that good all the time but such relieving numbers.