List and Bench

Here is a bench that I made and sold at Kid ‘N Ewe in Texas in November. It is a remarkable Myrtle Burl that the buyer said “SOLD” while still 6’ away. I loved her reaction – and it’s one of several in her home now. The show was timely as it gave us a chance to visit with our sons, daughter-in-law, and our only Grandchild who had just turned ten! We miss him and the rest of the family greatly.
Snow yet again last night! This has been such a wonderfully snowy year and we appreciate every flake. This high mountain desert will explode with wildflowers soon. Perhaps we won’t have 5 months of extreme winds this year.
Health issues have kept us bound for the past couple of months. I was more sick than ever in my life, but much better. I’ve been working as hard as I can, for Everything I present to customers is my personal work right here in Magdalena, New Mexico USA. It’s sad at how much “work” is farmed out to Asia. NEVER for me. The little hand looms have been so incredibly popular of the past year. Right now I have almost 2000 looms ready to shape and sand. There is a great stock of the little tools that go along with the looms.
Yesterday I published a new price list. About 25 of the items I’ve made for so long have been discontinued. What stock remains will be available till the supply is exhausted. My health dictates that I cut way back, and this is part of that solution. Some prices have raised and some reduced. Changes in my suppliers of tools, equipment, supplies, and especially woods have made continuation challenging without some refreshing of prices. I believe that most will find my offerings are still quite reasonable.
Part of that new list is announcing a brand new loom kit using only exotic or premium woods! They are just beautiful, as well as the fun functional tool that’s so portable. I’m already hundreds behind from orders yesterday, but will catch up eventually with patience.
Now, off to the shop for sawdust production! I hope that every person reading this will have as good of a day as I intend to!