I’ve been stretching my abilities – working perhaps harder than I ever have before. My first goal is filling orders – second getting to the point of catching up. I’m almost there – only two items I regularly carry are out of stock and I’ll do runs on those in the next couple of weeks! My effort to do huge runs of popular tools is paying off big time. Only a few times have I had orders I could not instantly fill – but stretched out and made enough to fill that particular order, and a few more till I can do a nice run. I’ll be caught up within a couple of months. How? Well, the very very active help from my most capable wife, Cat. She’s done so much to help me with so many activities. Most recently she assembled all same wood kits of Cherry and Walnut. As I write this she’s measuring warp for my loom kits. All of the looms I offer are in very nice stock! They all continue to be remarkably popular, and I find their production to be such fun, including the tools to go along. I will not make anything that’s not fun. That’s some of the reasons I’ve reduced the number of items I continue to stock. Today I completed runs of my End-of-Warp shuttles in 15″ and 18″ – these use the much longer bobbin – a full 6″ quill! I’m quite low on the shorter shafts, so when the stock I have now runs out, that’s it for manufacturer of the shafts in China will no longer make them. Right now I have very good stock of the shorter bobbin EOW’s in 8″, 10″, and 12″. I always have about two dozen large runs of tools in-progress. When I see stock getting low, I can easily make a run to replenish….. My helper, Jericho, is doing a wonderful job for me with everything she’s done – and is another Major reason I’m succeeding…  She is a joy to work with and her energy is so good.  So many thanks to the crowd of customers who continue to look to me for tools. And, the growing number of dealers are such a huge boost to my sales. I appreciate the sale of a $6 Tiny Barb Beater as much as the very large orders.

I’m considering going wholesale only but no decision for awhile. My long anticipated new price list is still in draft. Some prices will raise, and prospectively as I promised earlier.

Yesterday we finished a major renovation of our storage barn – installing a giant shelving system I welded up. Now, all the backstock of shipping boxes and supplies are stored carefully. We can use the spacer so much better.  Not riding much. Health issues to address. The car is still the source of phenomenal joy every time it envelopes us. Life is good.

I hope for joy, safety, happiness, security, health, and fun to everyone! More to share very soon.