Tools of Mine

Barb Gallagher of A Weaver’s Loft in Guilford, Indiana has purchased ALL of my remaining stock. She will be picking it up the weekend after the Fourth and returning home but she has tools of mine now. This was an EXTREMELY significant transaction. I hope that you’ll contact her if you’re interested in my tools and equipment. I have absolutely nothing left. Barb’s email is: and her URL is:
I’m still reconfiguring my shops and have not made anything for weeks. Well, today I welded a steel shelf for the new garage housing the car. The ’41 ‘house’ got a new garage door and floor finished today….. The old stereo sounds fantastic, especially the 60’s rock and roll at a very high volume in the wood shop… Though, you can hear it from a long way away……

Who Let The Dog Out?

Cat and I have had the most incredible three days! Our guests left earlier this morning taking some “Family” things we shared with them. Our most wonderful guests were our great nephew David Dean and his friend Chris from the Dallas area, and David Dean’s “little” brother, Daniel from the Houston area. All three are the most respectful and really good kids. Yes, kids, of early 30’s…… Most people are”kids” to us.
I did figure out what to do with my custom Big Dog chopper – I gave it to David Dean! He rented a truck and borrowed a trailer to haul his Dog home. Daniel had his Harley on the trailer – so he and his brother had a nice ride together while here…. Therefore, I know WHO LET THE DOG OUT….. All the boys are such good young men.
They arrived about 9 Friday morning – then we all went to Albuquerque in our truck for important prescriptions. A wonderful lunch at El Pinto, shakes at the ‘Breaking Bad’ Twizzlers for the boys, and back to Magdalena where the boys went to sleep till Saturday morning….. I did tacos for them then a drive/ride to the VLA then lunch in Datil. Movies afternoon. And I shared several guns and lots of photographs. I fixed a nice pan of chicken Alfredo and fetticuni.  This morning we loaded the bikes and away they went……. We’ll miss them all and hope for return visits. Perhaps Daniel and his wife might include us in a long bike ride!
I had the nicest letter from Bethany in Canada this morning. What a wonderful person who shared her thoughts in a special way. Thank you a LOT, Bethany – you have helped to ensure that I have a magnificent day.
Now I’m going to have a morning nap – I’m learning to take it easy………….


Mary sent photos of her first work on one of my looms – see September 24, 2017 for “Arkansas Apple Tree”. It comes to mind that she’s had a hitch in her git-along with a broken leg and a difficult recovery. Let’s all wish her a good recovery and relaxed time warping and weaving on her two little Hokett Looms! Arkansas is such a pretty state – I spent a year at Jacksonville with Little Rock AFB working on the photographic systems for the B-58 Hustler bomber from 1968-1969 – between my two voluntary years in Vietnam. What fun I had just driving the country roads and visiting little country stores with pickle barrels on the porch – and finding fishing spots just for fun.
I’m still learning how to be ‘retired’. A couple of days ago I did finish installing and making operational my very old school component stereo system. The huge speakers still need to be lifted to their new ‘home’ about 7′ off the floor. I’ll get help for that. One of the CD decks uses cartridges of up to 6 CD’s at a time, and I have about 10 of them. Even with ear protectors I’ll be able to hear the music…..
Wishing all fathers everywhere a grand and great good day this Father’s Day!

Still Learning

This old man is still learning things every day. Lately it’s how to have a life after being so incredibly intense making tools and equipment for all the fine weavers, spinners, and other fiber artists for so many years. It’s a struggle to feel ok about not working as I’ve been doing. Since the last total sale of everything left to one dealer, my time has been first full of packing everything so that it could be picked up next month. A few tasks making my shop more usable after such intense production like properly storing tools, bits, blades, plans, samples, and a thousand other things. I’ll be at this for a long time…….
A project here and there presents itself such as today Cat and I installed a video cabinet that the TV, DVD/BLURAY player, VHS deck, and every tape and DVD we have area stored and available to pick! We have hundreds….. It took me a few days to make the cabinet…. Yesterday I made a cart for Cat to use in her gardening. The wheels are pneumatic tires, and two swivel to allow moving about. The container on the deck is an old stainless steel barrel from a dead shop vac. This is very useful to her and will make her gardening easier. Since the former platform for the TV and decks was a fine board of Cypress that originally would be parts of benches I used to make that sat on the top of two GIANT old school speakers that were with my old school stereo system with a CD Deck, receiver, Cassette Deck, Reel-to-Reel tape Deck, and a Studio Turntable. Now, those speakers are in my shop soon to be installed and the whole system, already on a stand I made for it, will all be connected and made operational! Yes, I could continue to use an IPOD and the deck for it, but I long for the power of a big time extreme stereo system. So, you have confirmation that I’m OLD, not just old school……
I’ll be doing some gardening, believe it or not. Years ago I had the most astounding iris, roses, vegetables, grapes, apples, and so on…. Not going that big, but I’ll be doing some just for fun. Welding and metal sculptures WILL be a big part of my future too. Such as a HUGE spider web out of rebar and metal rod to the top of the Bike House to the ground with one or two of my huge spiders and several smaller ones. My interpretation of animals such as birds, pigs, roadrunners, and perhaps a very large snake. I’ve picked out a new large wood lathe that will be a huge part of my activities. I’ll be making larger Nottles – large diameter interior as well. And, so many other things. Yes, Grasshopper, focus…..
However, it’s the fact I have no “driver” like the business any more. I had been working so hard all my life so far to gain “acceptance” – something that ONLY Cat has given me in a way that I can understand. I have a remarkable friend in North Carolina who has been counseling me on putting my ducks in a row……………….. I’m going to be better, but right now it’s a daily struggle.
The ’41 Ford will be complete next month!!!!!!!!!!!! That will give Cat and I such JOY, too! We did take a drive in the Corvette to Datil for lunch to celebrate installation of the video cabinet at a VERY quick trip. That car is such a joy to drive and ride, except for the almost constant failure of the air conditioner and seat cooling. I’ve had more than a dozen brand new Chevy’s – but I’ll not in the rest of my life have another. I’ll get to the point of selling both the Corvette and Silverado. The Silverado is also another that has an issue that has haunted me from the day it was delivered – the heater failing constantly. I”m thru with the Reliable Chevy and Casa Chevy in Albuquerque screwing me over these two vehicles – having them for weeks, pretending to “fix” the issues, and especially JOY RIDING the Corvette. Both those dealers have done that repeatedly. The dishonesty of them is repulsive. They are the reason this person who used to be a Chevy Man will not EVER buy another GM product. Looking back, I’ve not ever had a Chevy/’GM product that was RIGHT. Not a single one. Pardon the expression, but screw ’em. The OWNER of Casa Chevy and operating partner said to me “We’ll make this right”. They lied thru their teeth. I’d recommend any human or organization to avoid both these dealerships, and bigger, ALL GM products………………………………………
Off my rather sturdy soap box. I’ll go and shower, read the paper on-line because the Abq Journal quit delivering papers West of I-25 a few years ago, and have my one daily Dr Pepper, while watching Judge Judy then the news. Unfortunately the news is far far too full of the orange headed fruitcake who’s on a chosen path to world destruction.