Last Knitting Needles

Knitting needles were a great part of my past, but they are among the items I eliminated. Cat’s listing those that remain on Ebay – search for weaverandharleygirl1976. Several sets remain. Three links are:

The wonderful machine that produces such fine shafts is also available if anyone wants to make needles. Pickup only – contact me directly.
Now, off to the shop to assemble the pieces to a large run of the mini warping reel!

Snow Melt


Most of our snow has melted. A couple of days ago I was able to back the car out of the garage and give it a bath. Yesterday we drove it to Albuquerque for a few errands. It’ll be several days till the mud around the Bike House is dry enough to ride them as well. We’ve missed them both terribly! We do still have a couple of feet of snow in the shade.
This afternoon Cat and I dug about 1/2 of the trench from the power pole to the barn. A friend will install electric there – after 13 years of ‘dealing’. He’ll also do some equipment rewiring to 220 – more efficient and powerful
I’ve been working as hard as I can on stock. So many things are in that status of “build more NOW” – and am making great progress. Cat’s been helping quite a bit and I appreciate her so! Mini-warping reels, End-of-Warp shuttles, Nottles, and fancy dancy boxes are in the mill, along with several others. Last year was the very best by far ever for me – and the first full year without a show since about 1997. No more. Too much effort for my aging old body. I do have more than one hitch in my gitalong.
I’ll be moving all of my automotive signs to the garage soon – I painted a full 24′ wall today – having all of them there will be great fun! We’ll install a new floor in there soon. Good caulking and foam sealers have improved dust comtrol – needed as the road going by our place is dirt. I’ll do some surgery on the garage door here very soon – and that will complete making it an appropriate home for the car.
And, I’m so proud of our Grandson, Issac! He’s been doing so well in school – absolutely loves to read – and looking at some AP courses. Of course, Grandpa and Grandma are proud!
Best wishes to everyone this fantastic 2016!