Bike is Near

ImageWell, here is my bike, almost ready for me.  It would be in our Bike  House except for a bad speedometer/tachometer unit.  Such stuff happens.  Chuck is pictured here ready to finish everything.  Not much – grips, connect the hydraulics and hoses, adjust the foot controls, and such.  I’m so excited and ready.  I look forward to VERY SOON finally enjoying going down the road with the wind.  Dawg House Customs in Albuquerque with Chuck Zettner is where to go for anything motorcycle.  I’ve made an exceptional wooden treasure for Chuck to thank him for his dedication and creativity to read the vision of this remarkable bike that I communicated to him.  His artistry and precision is astounding and I am blessed

ImageThis is a very old shopping cart that my Mom used to hang clothes at the home I grew up in at Artesia, New Mexico.  Countless kids have played with it there.  Now, we use it here in Magdalena – also to hang our clothes on the line!  It would bring great joy to Hallie if she only knew.  

I’m facing shoulder surgery in January, so my shop activity will soon be pausing for a number of weeks.  The past few months have found me there making tons of sawdust trying to catch up and get ahead.  I didn’t make it to the point I had wanted.  Still, I have thousands of pieces ready to sand and finish.  I’ll continue to focus on that part as long as I can.  I’ll also be spending a couple of days making new tools for Mary Berry of Fancy Fibers!   She’s a wonderful representative of my work.  Catch you later.  Jim