Sley Hooks

Surprised this morning. Discovered 4 copper and one brass sley hooks in a box of hardware. Don’t need them. I’d be happy to send one to whomever wants one – first come first served. Email me at…..
We closed on the Magdalena house. Now full time focus on Alamogordo. Our sunrises over the mountains and sunsets over the Tularosa basin are so pretty.  The ’41 Ford pickup is nearing completion……


My Belgian Granddaughter Carolien is such an inspiration to me. Dealing with physical issues larger than most could tolerate, she makes everything of life that she can. Weaving one row on one of my hand looms, making 2-3 stitches on her knitting tool, and such small tasks to most are a wonderful accomplishment to her. I’m SO proud of her!
Awhile ago I sent her Mom, an embroidery expert, a super packed container of my Mom’s embroidery threads. I could not think of anyone who would love them more or give them the honor they deserve. Here is a photo of a project that Carolien’s Mom did – it’s so artsy and I am so very proud of her for sharing her work.
Carolien has been quite ill, needing to go to the doctor and pharmacy. Her Dad so lovingly took her to both, then prepared dinner after! What a guy! He is on the list for Father of the Year! I’m very thankful for and proud of him too. I’m not Belgian, but these three people being such kind and caring folks, the country must be full of the most incredibly wonderful people!
In New Mexico, still quite hot but chances of rain coming. Still have quite fierce winds. “Widely scattered thunderstorms – locally heavy at times” is a phrase we’ll hear for about the next 3 months.
The 1941 Ford F-1 is nearing completion. The custom racing engine, custom transmission, and everything else is all coming together. Alamo Tire & Muffler is a grand good highly technical and competent business who will be saving this disaster of a truck……………

A Few Looms Available!

Theresa of Griffin Dyeworks & Fiber Arts let me know that she discovered a few of my hand looms in the bowels of her garage! First come first served at:
Dozens of people have asked me about looms just this week. I’m totally retired and will not ever make more…. This is likely your last chance………
Extremely hot in Alamogordo but humidity single digits. It’s still hot, dry or humid. Sold the truck and got a Lincoln MKX Suv. Time to slow down for these two old folks. Don’t do much at all as am not able, and spend all my time caring for Cat.
Best to Everyone!

April Showers

Well, we had NO showers this month though we feel as if we’ve been rained on. With all the changes to all our lives due to the Virus in the US everyone has been faced with so many unplanned though necessary events. We’re weathering these changes and so happy Ann and David are here to help us. We don’t have to go out shopping! I still cook a LOT and enjoy it very greatly.
April also brought a bit of seriousness to our lives. Cat spent several days in the hospital with an internal condition. She’s back home now and I continue to do everything possible to care for her. We’ve had home health care professionals in to help with her recovery. Her treatment while in the hospital was magnificent! GCRMC here in Alamogordo is fantastic and we both appreciate their skills and professionalism. Cat’s doing much better. I wish I were.
The ’41 Ford pickup is still in intensive care. Surely it’ll be complete in May! It’s been such a long long time, so much fostered by the incompetent person having it for 2 years – then delivering it in such horrid condition.
I’m wishing everyone a wonderful day and a healthy & safe livelihood!


Lapidary Equipment

Well, our visit to Deming for the much anticipated rock show was not what I wanted. It had been forced to close the first two days but did open Saturday. There were far fewer dealers than I’ve ever seen there, very few visitors, and NO equipment! I was so disappointed! I was ready with a rather large ‘bundle’ ready to buy…. So, is there anyone aware of any rock cutting and polishing equipment for sale? New is almost out of reach but I’ll consider that if necessary. I would appreciate it so much if anyone might put me on to anything lapidary. My money is good. I do have a 20″ rock saw – needs some work but not near what I thought it would after a review yesterday. A smaller one would be so nice along with other equipment.

Ann turned 46, not 45 the 14th, so I guess I’m a year older than I thought…. She’s doing well at the Dollar General store in Ruidoso. Today her hubby David accepts a nice job offer from the local WalMart. Both of them are so happy and looking forward to putting down their own roots here. Both have expressed limitless love for Alamogordo and the area….. We do too.

Most people here are being level headed about all the mess dealing with the virus threats. Most…………… I hope that everyone can be a bit more reasonable….



Cat and I completed our move here in October. Much of what we wanted to do has been finished too. The kitchen & bath cabinets & granite countertops, walk-in shower, workshop in back, garden shed, rock landscaping in back, and more. The garage is again a garage and ready for the ’41 Ford truck – I visit the machinist this afternoon to talk about specific actions he’ll do to the engine. Expect it to be radically powerful. When the engine is done and broken in, Alamo Tire will install it and the new transmission along with several other things left incomplete or very poorly performed by the ‘builder’ up North. Wow, but I was really screwed over that deal. But, I’m in good hands now. It’s really beginning to feel like it’s really ours. All the artwork is up and looks so nice.

The trees in front are finished blooming and the leaves are coming out. Yesterday it looked like heavy snow with the wind blowing. These leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall!

Ann and David arrived this week. Their personals are in a storage facility and jobs line up for them. They are such neat kids. Yea, kids – Ann turns 45 tomorrow…. They will accompany us tomorrow to visit the Deming, NM Rockhound Roundup. I’m in the market for several pieces of lapidary equipment to use in the workshop. My activities will center around cutting and polishing rocks – Cat will sorta be with me as she sits in the covered patio nearby.

The weather here is so neat – just as I remember from the 70’s and 80’s when I was active duty Air Force at Holloman AFB.

No more woodworking or sales of anything….. It’s time to take huge chunks of happy and fun into our lives.


Hokett Would Work is CLOSED

Just as a reminder, my business is closed and I have zero stock of anything. I do not believe that any of the dealers I used to support have any stock either. Health issues of myself and my wife Cat dictated we be near competent medical care. Hence, our move last October here to Alamogordo, NM. The very advanced hospital here recently started at $65 Million expansion – so we’re in good hands.

Our new home here is coming together. The custom cabinets have been installed and the granite countertops are to be installed today. Much other update activity has taken place as well. I’m having a workshop built in the back – but Tuff Shed is really really dragging their feet – breaking promises of performance constantly. I’d recommend them for absolutely nothing. We now have no grass – it’s all rock landscaping. A patch of dirt remains – remnants of the dog run of the previous owner. We’ll have soil enrichment tilled into that area (about 10 x 18) and make it a wildflower garden in memory of our dear dog, Pepper, that we lost last Christmas Eve.

The workshop will be for storage and lapidary work! I was a rockhound for many years and will be returning to that very enriching activity soon. Not so much out in the desert searching for material but cutting and polishing rocks collected by others. I’ll visit the Deming Rockhound Roundup in March to shop for equipment and cutting material.

I wish all my wonderful fiber friends from around the world great success and happiness! All our art is now on display in our home – it feels so warm! Our daughter Ann moves here with David in March! How absolutely fantastic!



Several years ago our little dog “Pepper” came into our lives as a rescue. She was not friendly to strangers nor especially other dogs, regardless of size. Pepper was so protective, loving, and the best alarm of unfamiliar sounds of any dog I’ve ever known. Her capacity for love was universally limitless – the wide smile, wagging tail, and bright eyes always brightened our outlook on anything.

Some time ago she had some incident where her hips and back were injured. At time she could hardly use her back legs nor climb steps, but being such a trooper, always did all she could. A vet in Socorro offered no treatment except for ‘mickeys’ we could administer occasionally. More recently her in Alamogordo it became evident that she was in pain all of the time. Her behavior changed being aggressive at times, even toward us. Our Belgian Granddaughter said that it must be her way of telling us that it was ‘her time’.

This morning, Christmas Eve, we took her to a local vet on the recommendation of a dear friend of about 40 years. This kind hearted old man examined Pepper thoroughly and said that there was nothing at all that anyone could do and that euthanasia was the most appropriate action, that it was the KINDEST thing we could offer. So, he completed that and we brought her home.

I had contacted a pet crematorium early today just in case we needed that support. I called the operator as soon as we got home – she arrived within a half-hour to take Pepper to her facility in Tularosa. She was the kindest most supportive person that could ever be our contact for this we would hope for. Debbie will return the cremains in a few days. She operates a large animal rescue/treatment facility for abused and injured animals. I did feel great relief that the honor of our dear Pepper would be preserved.

But, while we feel great relief that Pepper is no longer suffering, we are. Neither of us can see ever having another pet right now. I wish all of our friends a very Merry Christmas. Unfortunately, ours is not. Some might say that she was “just a dog”. Nope, Pepper was not “just a dog” – she was as much a part of us as we are to each other. We’re so much better for the few years we had with her.

Sadly, Jim

Plugging Away

Here Cat and I continue to move into our new home here in Alamogordo. We continue to find every encounter we have with people here to be simply remarkable! Every person is so kind and considerate. The USPS is the most efficient and pleasant in our history! Such happy helpful people. We’re blessed to live here in such a mecca of good people. We have discovered so many marvelous restaurants and shops everywhere.

Well, except for our only and last ever visit to an Applebee’s restaurant…. Never in our past has a visit to one of them been even marginally acceptable…. Ever! We decided to give them another chance and regret doing so. Everything associated with the visit was unpleasant. No circumstance will make us return………

Our home is really coming together. The living room is about 95%, our bedroom super, and ‘office’ also near complete. The walk-in shower in our master bath is to come as is security/storm doors front and rear, window treatments, and back yard landscaping with rock and the workshop there. We’re patient as we can be…. The garden shed we ordered from Lowe’s will be assembled Wednesday/Thursday. Yea! The garage is workable, though not for vehicles yet. I’ve worked on a workbench and shelving. We’ll likely have a water softener installed soon. The kitchen cabinets are to be installed next month! We’ll have them do the cabinets in the master bath too.

Our ’41 Ford pickup is in progress to resolve the catastrophic engine failure and a few other things. I really considered the Chevrolet LT-1, but am going with a different crate engine. It will have fuel injection mostly for the efficiency and reliability it provides.

Cat and I love living here – the Sacramento Mountains are so majestic and CLOSE! Our view to the West of the Tularosa Basin, White Sands, and then the Organ Mountains by Las Cruces are so nice. Frequent colorful sunsets and sunrises bring joy to us both. Our neighbors are marvelous as well. It’s a very quiet neighborhood with very little traffic.

Wednesday is our 25th Wedding anniversary. Doesn’t seem a day more than a week. We’re profoundly happy together! Not certain yet what we’ll do to celebrate, but it’ll be appropriate.

Wishing everyone a magical and loving Christmas!



Yahoo changed my mail password, so must establish a new email address. It is:

I could have changed my password had we not dropped our internet carrier in Magdalena…. When changing your password in Yahoo they send an email to your secondary address…………………… Very Very BOO to Yahoo…………. I did NOT change my mail password! They did!