Beaters & Price List

dscn2567My son James has returned to San Antonio – and we hope that he and his family will be able to move up this summer. He is a remarkable woodworker! While here he fabricated a new beater – the Dippy Doo – so named by using scrap from making the little looms. They are mostly BEM, but some others. Many more will come eventually. You can see them on my new price list.
The new price list will be released tomorrow – don’t you just love it? There are no price changes – most of the changes are editorial and expanding some explanations. I’ve returned Lucets to the list – far too many requests not to do so. And, the hand loom stands are now in the list as well. I have a note about drop spindles – I’ve made and sold thousands and thousands in the past. If there’s enough interest I’ll return them as well to inventory. So, if you would like to see my spindles again, let me know. I remain profoundly busy but with hope that James will return permanently, it’s time to consider adding a few things. James helped me to stock an extremely good stock of just about everything, especially the hand looms!
Still too messy to ride, though did start the bikes a couple of days ago and let them run for awhile. We drove the Corvette to Artesia Friday for lunch at La Fonda – our favorite Mexican food restaurant on earth! It was Cat’s birthday – and her choice to go to La Fonda. It’s snowing today, so no rides today either.
Doctor visits in Albuquerque are looming for both of us – maintenance on people older than dirt is high sometimes. It should be October – the Fall – for I have been falling a lot lately. Guess it is the weight of the world resting on my shoulders with motivation to work so hard on the tools I so love to produce.  My old friend, Larry from Alamogordo, brought me a trunk load of old bowling balls that I’ll use soon to make many more of the large spiders with metal legs.  So many people have asked for one or more, so it’s time to get cracking.  It’s great fun to create the little monsters!  I also have the material to make a bunch of smaller spiders – the bodies about 4-6″ in diameter.  That size is great to place in the house on a table or shelf….. Surprises abound!
Just think about John Lennon’s “Imagine” at this time of the world.  That message is needed so much more than ever before.