Appropriate Greeting, New Energy, and a Blue Christmas

img_0001Well, I am surprised all of the time. Many times customers send me a card with their payment for looms and tools. Today Jessica Ostrow – Weaving Rainbow – in Sunset, Texas sent me one of her personal creations. Just look at this card! Such thought and design is so appropriate for the looms she purchased from me! I hope that she’s smiling now to see her card in my blog…….  Don’t you agree with me that Jessica’s card is neat, or what!
New Energy in my shop complex. James and I are producing at a rather blistering pace. He is such an efficient worker and as creative as myself. We are not “ahead” quite yet, but getting there. Today we moved several pieces of equipment into the new addition. James spent quite some time cleaning the main shop – and now I can walk thru and around inside and not have to step over anything… More improvements will be made including some rearrangement. Removal of equipment helped a lot, now little things like moving the Powermatic band saw and large sander will make it much more production oriented. James’ ideas are really good and I appreciate his efforts more every day. He actually designed most of the equipment placement in the addition, too. Yesterday we built a rack to store and use my very old component stereo system. I’ll mount the Very Large speakers high in that room – then just listen to the 200 watt amplifier send ZZ Top with vigor……. I can hardly wait…. James moved and stacked two pallets of wood pellets this morning – in 25 minutes! He is such a powerful and efficient worker. And, his touch with a mini lathe is delicate, too…
Christmas approaches, Cat and I will enjoy the day with a dear friend, Ruth, in Albuquerque. We just don’t do a big thing on this special day unless we have friends or family with us. I wish every person reading this the most enjoyable Christmas and holiday ever…. Who knows what we all will really face next year. I hope we all survive.  This is “my year” for our tree.  One year it’s all the colors of decorations.  The next year it’s blue lights and most decorations are blue.  It’s a Blue Christmas….

Merry and Happy Everything!

The First One!

first-oneLorainne, a customer of mine, sent me this photo of her very first attempt at weaving! I’m not a weaver, but it seems that this is quite an accomplishment – the technique and style are not especially representative of most first-timers. I hope that she continues her craft and finds great enjoyment with my little looms, perhaps even growing into a large floor loom!