I’ve issued a new price list, finally…. It’s effective September 1, 2017. I’ll continue to accept orders under the existing February 14, 2017 price list until that date. Should I receive orders in excess of stock before September 1, 2017, I’ll honor the prices and ship when I produce the additional quantities. All the changes are price raises with two exceptions. If you’d like a copy of the new one, email me. Thanks for understanding.

First Weaving!

Here is a neat example of a customers first weaving on one of my looms. Toni Gatland of Canada obtained this loom and tools at ANWG this year. What a neat result of her first effort. Thanks to the many customers who purchased some of my work there – and to Toni for sharing the photo.

So busy now – but near actually catching up!  I have several thousand pieces to sand, and a few hundred looms ready to assemble, but it’s coming together.  Cat helps a lot when she can and I so appreciate her.  But, I work alone all of the other time.  Still looking to issue a new price list, but so much else to do right now.

Cat and I have not been riding lately.  A couple of weeks ago we trailered her  trike to Crossroads for a transmission problem.  We had started on a ride to Datil, she heard an unusual noise – and could not find neutral, 4th or 5th gear.  Got home ok, thank goodness.  Call today from DJ – the transmission is dead – case ok but everything else not.  So, it’ll be a couple more weeks till we can ride again.  We’ve even thought about a Slingshot – serious fun, they seem to be……

Back to a long term sanding marathon for a few weeks.  Then, several days of applying Danish Oil.  It’ll take awhile as doing it alone is tough, but I do have experience with it all.