‘Nuther Beginner First Plus

Here is a photo of a beginner’s first attempt at mini-tapestry on one of my little looms. Arielle reports that it’s a lot of fun and expressive. The endless variety of possibilities is exciting. One person wanted one to weave micro rugs for dollhouses.

Health issues continue to force me to make changes. I’m finding that getting old sometimes means all those events of your past sorta come back to whack you to change. I’m changing.

I used to make and sell very many boat shuttles using the wonderful Schacht bobbins. Not doing shows since 2014 has put a damper on sales of those. So, I’ve made a deal with The Woolery – they are purchasing my entire stock of the 10″ (4″ bobbin) and 12″ (5″ bobbin) boats. I still need to assemble some of them with the shafts and springs so watch their website (woolery.com) and enjoy! I’ve also sold all of my 15″ (6″ bobbin) and 16″ double (two 4″ bobbins) boats to The Weaver’s Loft. Look Barb up (weaversloft.com). Barb also purchased my entire stock of warp combs. These items will be in her shop very soon also.  Those shuttles require assembly of some too.

Orders have sorta exploded since I released my September 1, 2107 price list.  Many dealers are taking advantage of prior notice to order before price advances on many items.  I’ll honor the existing prices until September 1, even if I run out of stock for orders.

I cannot continue to make everything I used to and these tools are examples of what I’m cutting right away. There will be others. I do have a desire to get back to pure art, especially with metals. That’ll come eventually. At a visit with my primary care Doc yesterday she asked me to take two weeks off entirely from the shop. Well, I did do some packing this morning and this afternoon turned Cat two new walking sticks from preforms I had made about 15 years ago. I used to make lots of canes. Sales were quite successful, but the weaving stuff overwhelmed me. The walking sticks started when I made each of us one to use when visiting the Grand Canyon – walking the South rim. Dozens of people stopped us to ask about our sticks, many wanting one for themselves. That was fun!

General Motors continues to ignore problems with our 2013 Silverado and 2016 Covette that have existed since the day we drove them off the lot brand new…….. They really don’t seem to give a “%&@%” about this customer. As much as I wanted these vehicles, GM would probably be happier if I just went away and bought some other brand. I REGRET buying these vehicles and recommend no one buy anything GM…
Best of everything to ya’ll…………….


I’ve issued a new price list, finally…. It’s effective September 1, 2017. I’ll continue to accept orders under the existing February 14, 2017 price list until that date. Should I receive orders in excess of stock before September 1, 2017, I’ll honor the prices and ship when I produce the additional quantities. All the changes are price raises with two exceptions. If you’d like a copy of the new one, email me. Thanks for understanding.

First Weaving!

Here is a neat example of a customers first weaving on one of my looms. Toni Gatland of Canada obtained this loom and tools at ANWG this year. What a neat result of her first effort. Thanks to the many customers who purchased some of my work there – and to Toni for sharing the photo.

So busy now – but near actually catching up!  I have several thousand pieces to sand, and a few hundred looms ready to assemble, but it’s coming together.  Cat helps a lot when she can and I so appreciate her.  But, I work alone all of the other time.  Still looking to issue a new price list, but so much else to do right now.

Cat and I have not been riding lately.  A couple of weeks ago we trailered her  trike to Crossroads for a transmission problem.  We had started on a ride to Datil, she heard an unusual noise – and could not find neutral, 4th or 5th gear.  Got home ok, thank goodness.  Call today from DJ – the transmission is dead – case ok but everything else not.  So, it’ll be a couple more weeks till we can ride again.  We’ve even thought about a Slingshot – serious fun, they seem to be……

Back to a long term sanding marathon for a few weeks.  Then, several days of applying Danish Oil.  It’ll take awhile as doing it alone is tough, but I do have experience with it all.