Active May

It’s been busy this May. Did another nice run of American Black Walnut original size loom and tools for kits – a customer bought them all as soon as I told her…. Planning on doing still another kit run of them along with loom kit runs of Cherry well. I should have more Domestic kits than just Bird’s Eye Maple. Speaking of BEM, I’ll be receiving a rather large order of very find Brown Bird’s Eye Maple next week. It is timely as my stock of nice BEM original kits is under 300 – and those could go next week as this is the season. Today Cat helped me to oil very large runs of BEM 1/2″ x 12″ shed sticks, exotic needlesticks, exotic little beaters, BEM little beaters, Black Walnut little beaters – needlesticks – and tiny stick shuttles, axles for the mini-warping reels, 12″ end-of-warp boat shuttles, and exotic tiny stick shuttles.
I also cut preforms for a nice run (36) of Cocobolo original looms and all the tools to make Cocobolo loom kits! These will be perhaps the most beautiful loom kits ever… So many customers have been acquiring tools of recent from around the globe. I remain so humble and appreciative of such expressions of confidence in my work. ┬áCat helps me so much – making all of my success possible.
This week I had another Chemo injection in my right eye. Here I remain hopeful, yet so fearful of the procedure. I’m hanging in there for the time being.
My Big Dog custom chopper is almost ready – perhaps next week! YEA! The Corvette is with the dealer for yet another attempt at fixing two recurring problems. Once more and it’s Lemon Law time…. Yea, battle royale…. At least we got a brand new loaner – a Malibu with a sewing machine motor that gets LESS gas mileage than the ‘Vette! I’m shocked……
Cat’s been doing so well with all of her gardening activities. The arbor looks so nice – the Trumpet vine and honeysuckle at each side are growing in so nicely so quickly.
Another Abq errand trip tomorrow. Visiting civilization now and then is good – at least they have real restaurants!
Blessings to all and to all a good night…..

Brand New Price List

I will publish a brand new price list tomorrow – May 5, 2016. I’ve added Cat’s Claws and detailing 8-dent looms in the Original, Tiny, and Intermediate sizes The new Very Large loom is also added. A few more items have been eliminated. Looking forward to hearing from all my friends!