Stands, Shots, and Cocobolo

Well, Finally all of the Carolien Stand bases are DONE. Tomorrow morning I cut all the steel for the risers to length. I’d normally go ahead and start sanding the burrs, but we’ll be heading to Albuquerque. Why? Well, I have another torture session with the eye doc to shoot me again in my right eye for MD. I’d love to either hear that it’s cured and no more shots, OR – it;’s just not going to work, quit the shots, and you’re going to lose the eye. EITHER would tickle me, for these injections are horrible torture for me. With that in mind, I’m seriously considering just giving up and withdrawing from any more, regardless. There are levels of tolerance for everyone…..
The stands. I have bases in a great variety of woods including Bloodwood, Jatoba, Bubinga, Sapele, Wenge, Padauk, Purpleheart, and more. I have the clamps ready, and the rest of the hardware. My welding equipment is set up, shipping boxes prepared, and I’m so anxious to announcing that I’m ready. Just a few more days – now, hopefully by Friday!
COCOBOLO! I’ve made a deal for a dealers full personal stock of old Cocobolo! That’s my favorite wood on God’s Earth! It’s quite remarkable examples long unavailable and now exceptionally difficult to find, and quite expensive when you can find some. This much is quite an investment, but oh so worth it. I’ll be doing very special runs of the little looms, especially. Very special notion boxes will be included as well. I still have two world class boards of Cocobolo I’ve been saving for years – each about 1″ x 4″ x 36″ and very swirly curly burly and the most remarkable combinations of colors on earth…… These two boards have not yet told me what they want to be. I’ve been listening, not so patiently as I’m quite anxious….. With this new huge batch, about a hundred board feet, the two exceptional boards will be safe for a few more years, perhaps….
Next post will be the Carolien Stands!



Late yesterday I started the first run of the Carolien Loom Stands! I’m wonderfully excited by this – she was so inspirational to help me design this wonderful tool. I have all of the parts and pieces – and I’m going to town. MANY bases are cut to size and today I begin the shaping. Perhaps the steel will get cut to length this afternoon. I expect to have photos and prices by the end of next week. To those more than 50 who have firm orders, not even knowing the price nor seeing a photo, everyone is going to be so pleased, I promise! Carolien loves hers, and you will too.
On another note of great joy, construction begins this morning on enclosing the pad in front of my shop. I’ll now have about 15′ x 35′ more shop space! There will be two roll up doors – 10′ and 6′ so that I’ll still have a sense of working outside. Simon is doing the work. Pat will be adding more electrical and lighting. Cat and I will paint the interior white for better light. After it’s all complete, I’ll move several pieces of equipment out there so that the woodshop will not be so crowded, along with the existing dust collector. Then, a new much more powerful dust collector will be added to the main shop. Me being even more efficient? Is that even possible? Yep!
This is a fantastic day! Joy to the World!


I would never have believed it. You always see those insurance advertisements – go with us and save several hundred dollars. They ALL say it! Never believed any of them. Our motorcycles (3) were due. I’ve been very dissatisfied with our carrier thru aarp – Foremost. They for 4 years have refused to properly assign the bikes to us as riders – assigning Cat to the two two-wheelers and me to the trike! Cat cannot ride a two-wheeler at all. She rides ONLY the trike. They refused for those 4 years, including this morning using the excuse of “it’s the computer”. We tried every year without success – just indifference and curtness.

A couple of years ago I added a Harley Street Glide I had taken as settlement of a debt. Rode it a bit, but loved my chopper. Had it a few months and the opportunity to sell developed and sold it. Foremost credited only about three dollars when there was about half of the year left on the policy period! Their response, in a nutshell was kinda sorta “Tough”! That seemed super indifferent and profoundly unfair. My unhappiness with Foremost grows by leaps and bounds.

So, this year a few weeks ago the bill for renewal comes. I start contacting other bike insurance carriers for quotes. Could not get a human being live from ANY one! Tried about a half dozen! Geico, USAA, and on and on…… Waited on hold for up to twenty minutes – no human ever came on line! All had this computer you were supposed to talk to! Go on line – you had to fill out pages of data – none would permit contact or leave a call back! In my old age estimation – grossly unfair to old coots like me! When we returned from Albuquerque yesterday thru Socorro, I noticed a State Farm office. We were tired and didn’t stop. I had State Farm insurance from 1958 when I was 12 with a Cushman Scooter for $6.50 a year thru 1985 for cars, then in San Antonio. So, this morning I called the agent. He gave me a quote with identical coverage as Foremost, for about $350 a year LESS than Foremost! So, can you guess what I did? Yep. I did. For once, I believed the ad. When the cars and house comes up, I’ll be visiting our State Farm agent in Soorro. Foremost and aarp might be a memory. We’re not trapped simply because we’re over 50……………………


Foot Powered No More

Today I gave my last two foot powered skein winders to two very dear friends. These two are very important friends in our lives for a very long time. We value their friendship – and I just wanted to share these two winders with them as a symbol of how much they mean to us. I can’t do things like this often, but it worked out this time. Every time I make a tool, I’m sharing part of me with whomever uses that product, for my hands touch and finish every thing that I offer to a customer. Enjoy using every tool of mine – it’s a bit of me.