More TTB’s & Stuff


I’ve been busy.  Duh.  Here is a box of preforms for my Tiny Turned Beaters (TTB’s) – the handle has been turned on a lathe and they are ready for carving the business ends.


And, here is the group ready for weavers!  There are many woods including African Olive, Pink Ivory, Cocobolo, Gabon Ebony,  Verawood, Katalox, and many others.  These are quite time consuming to produce, but great fun as well.  Other recent creations include more than 1000 of the little looms, 200+ 8″ and 200 10″ stick shuttles, 125 of the 6″ and 90 of the 8″ belt shuttles.  And, thousands of others. Today I worked on more than 400 of the “Bethe” tiny shed sticks.  All but about 150 are ready to oil.

Cat and I have been riding a LOT.  Trips to Belen for lunch at Fat Sats, lunch at Oso Grill in Capitan, breakfast at Datil, visiting friends in Alamogordo, lunch at Truth or Consequences, and others.  Cat’s trike is doing perfectly – and both my bikes are so fun.  Soon I’ll be taking the Big Dog to Rich at Crossroads Cycles in Rio Rancho for fabrication of a very custom backrest – Cat and I’ll design the holder and Rich the mounting.  Not too often you see a backrest on a chopper, but my back needs it…..  The Mustang seat and backrest on the Honda Fury make riding so comfortable!  We both acquired Harley Davidson heated gloves that plug into the battery maintainer connection.  I haven’t used the heat feature, but Cat has.  She reports that the “high” setting is far too high…..  When I wear those gloves my hands are so toasty already – and so comfortable.  They are not too good when the weather is warm – but I love the comfort provided when it’s really cold.

Albuquerque Exotic Woods has changed their name to Would of Woods.  Jake Jacobsen and his crew are doing such a remarkable job there – and I visit often.  He’s milling a rather large plank of Afzelia for me – very dark and highly figured.  While I could do it – he is so efficient – making boards out of the plank for me.  I’ve added Kreg rip fences to my Jet 18″ and Powermatic 14″ band saws – the OEM ones are junk and failed miserably.  Kreg makes a great product and work perfectly.  I built a 5″ riser for the Powermatic 6×48 sander – it’s now the operating height that I prefer.  Finally, I’ve replaced the world class junk sanders that Rikon makes – my least respected and preferred manufacturer of the WORLD.  Their junk doesn’t even make good boat anchors…..  Avoid anything Rikon at all expense.  Worst customer service in history, including Comcast.

On a more challenging note, I’ve been undergoing treatment for the “wet” version of macular degeneration in my right eye.  The treatment for me includes injections of a medication into the eye on a monthly basis for a few months.  Progression of the condition has not gotten worse yet – and we have very high hopes that no farther permanent vision loss will occur.  Great hope.  Sooooo, my plans had included a new Corvette by now – that has been at least temporarily suspended….  I do have to be somewhat practical.  A Corvette has been a dream of mine since 1953 when I saw the very first one.  I’ve had some remarkable vehicles in my past – most noteworthy a 1968 Mustang California Special with a 390 & 4-speed right after returning from my first year in Vietnam with the USAF – photography.  But, a “Vette” remains the ultimate driving dream of mine.  Perhaps the Spring will give me a good status for the eye  stuff and make the new car right.

No Kid ‘N Ewe this year – I’m no longer doing shows.  I’ll miss the crowd and conversation, but not the work.  I”m so thankful for all of the individual and commercial customers that find my work acceptable.  Fact is, I’m doing so much better avoiding shows.

Have a superb November and all the days to come.