James Would Work?

Still trying to get my son James to take over my business. He is a much better woodworker than me and would do wonderfully. But, so far he won’t talk about it…. I still try. Everyone turn towards San Antonio, Texas and shout: JUST DO IT!

BP down EIGHTY points from the highest in this rather challenging 10 days. I’m doing everything the Doc told me to do and feel so good about it. Even spent a couple of hours in the shop this morning.


New Equipment

Well, last evening I ran across a site that carries tools and equipment – Eastwood – and saw a tool that I really wanted to buy. It would have added to my shop work a great deal and intended to spend several hundred $. I do NOT put credit card information online under any circumstances. If I can’t buy by phone, I just don’t buy. Call the order number. The person answering was an obviously bored person who was not interested in anything but quitting time and a paycheck – wise mouthed. Had to become a ‘new customer’ – and going through the process he required a physical address. Gave him “100 Eighth Street”. Took a half dozen tries to get him to understand he needed to spell out “eighth”. He then said that his system does not recognize the address. My explanation of living here 16+ years and getting equipment deliveries all of that time didn’t impress him. So, asked if he would take a Post Office Box – gave that to him and he insisted that it must have a street address. I asked if he truly required a street address for a POST OFFICE BOX! When he said yes, I said that to forget it as I’d look for what I wanted from a real store.

Are people really this way or was he just trying to irritate me?

My BP is better about every time I check it – tiny amounts, but I’ll take it. No headaches in a couple of weeks. And, the Neurologist did ZERO good in almost 4 years of ‘treatment’ consisting of new drugs every visit………………….. When I announced that since they failed me for 4 years that I’d go somewhere else, the response was that 3 MORE drugs are available! I told them that they obviously can’t help me and left.

I was an exceptionally active weaving tool maker for 25 years with some degree of success. If it were not right, I’d not ship it out. My father taught me that it’s not done if it’s not perfect. Far too many workers now are not capable of such work. It’s sad.


What Now?

Last week I had a medical event that gives me pause to consider my mortality. Totally out of the blue and more significant than I’ve ever experienced. The outlook is potentially rather grim, but nothing is certain, is it. I’ll be following the guidance from the medical experts and hope for the best.

A number of lifestyle changes are in order – I’ve already started. Much more to come. In the meantime I’ll be doing what I can do, rest a lot more than I ever have, and reinvigorate my appreciation for all the goodness in my life. It’s a sad part of this path I’m on that some of those I care about the most have not been a part of my life that they used to be. About 12 years ago I separated from a group of beings and am SO much better for having done so. Those that are very important to me know so.

I am so rich in emotions from the thousands of past customers of Hokett Would Work. A regret is not having retired 5-10 years ago – I’m broken down and worn out. All of my life has been exciting and rewarding, but I worked far far too hard for far far too long. My work since retiring last Spring has been fun things like making the little child’s chairs, painting cow skulls, welding 1′ diameter steel ladybugs, welded spiders, and similar things that I find such great joy doing. I value the work I did very highly – helping new weavers and experienced alike have tools that are efficient and pretty to hold. That part of my life remains – but I’m moving on. Recently I donated a number of my Tiny Turned Beaters to the American Tapestry Alliance to use in their programs. Any more fiber tools I might make will be under similar circumstances. Nothing I might produce will be pursued except it Must be Fun!

I have no bitterness about anyone. I’m so proud of what I’ve done in my life. I very much regret disposing of old family possessions the way I did. They deserved a better destination. Every breath I take makes me appreciate my life with my Cat. I hope that everyone has that sort of relationship in their life before it’s too late.