Making Stuff

Finally took photos of a few things I’ve made recently. Remember, I’m only doing things that are FUN!

The  ladybug was inspired having several scrap freon containers and wondering what to make of them.  One much earlier became the head of the very Pink pig…..  This bug has a 12″ diameter body, steel legs, cap head, brass antannae, and turquoise bead eyes…..  Such fun to make.

“The Little Chair.”  In 1954 my Father, Johnny, moved us to Artesia, NM.  That same year my Mom, Hallie, purchased a “Little Chair” at a yard sale for a dime.  She used that chair around the house until about 1988, when I talked her out of it.  Since then, I’ve made my version of that chair, sold quite a few , but have since given hundreds and hundreds to family and friends who were having or had a child.  I sometimes keep one in the car to give to a child at restaurants.  The “Little Chair” becomes a security blanket to children, as it’s perfect sized for toddlers.  Children will take them from room to room, and often will want to take it with them whenever they go somewhere.  It gives me great joy to share them, wishing that the child would come to love it as hundreds of other children have.  I used to stain and varnish them, but have since left them unfinished so that parents can stain, varnish, paint, or whatever finish they choose.

The reindeer is one of 18 new to the herd.  They are great to put a poinsettia or Christmas candy in, and such fun to make.  They are house trained, to boot.

I’ll continue to find other very fun things to make, but next is paperwork for my last year in business.  A chore I don’t look forward to, but necessary.  Following will be bowls…………………

Keep looking!