Glowing Helper

I so deeply appreciate the very active assistance of my wife, Cat, in my shop all of every morning, sometimes extending to the late afternoon. She is such a wonderful partner – her very important help is making it possible for me to make gains on the monumental stack of tools I so need to produce. Her efforts are wonderful! Here is a photo of her on a recent very cold snowy morning sanding needlesticks on one of the Powermatic sanders. Her touch is so gentle and the results are as good as I do. Yes, that’s saying something. Jericho continues to give such marvelous effort doing virtually all of the finishing and dived right into the sanding to help produce the tools that I offer. My old damaged hands cut and touch every tool that comes out of my shop. But, without the very capable help of these two ladies I’d honestly just close shop.
Today Cat started something new that she’s never done before. I”m in the process of making a large run of my mini-squirrel cage winders. One of the most important and time consuming tasks in that effort is cutting the threads on the 1/4″ brass rod to secure and support the cages. She listened to me describe all of the steps and “volunteered” to try to do the threading. Late morning today we set up everything, I demonstrated, and she learned so quickly and did so well! There is no measure in my shop of who does something quickest – the best measure is simply “is it right”. She does it right! I’m so proud of her for so many things – especially her willingness to attempt such daunting tasks and her support of my efforts. We each would do anything for the other.
I’ve ordered the Danish plywood to make the cages – I have the dowels, and will pick up the DOMESTIC woods to make the stand at World of Wood in Albuquerque – Jake Jacobsen and his staff are such marvelous “woodies”.
Working on a new price list – and there will be a number of prices raising. I’ll apologize in advance, but there is not a way I can avoid this. When it’s produced I’ll announce right here – and it will be prospective, or effective at least a couple of weeks after. I’ll honor current prices for orders received before the effective date of the new list.
Tomorrow I’ll be cutting much exotics to length for 6-dent original looms, and both 7″ and 12″ tiny shed sticks. Well, will surely cut them to dimension as well. I have a large cache of pieces at dimension waiting for machining and sanding. Works for me. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so well for so long…..

Dreams Lost

My dreams of catching seem to be gone forever – business has been completely overwhelming – and the end is not in sight. Cat’s been helping all morning every day – she’s getting so good on the band saw, router tables, and sanders (both the 6×48’s and 4×36’s). Next will be the scroll saw – she’s determined! Like on the router table, it took her a bit to make friends with it – she said she would NOT be defeated by a machine… I’m so proud of her! Jericho is now doing all of my finishing and working on LOTS of sanding. Other tasks may develop – several times in the past few days all 3 of us were working on different sanders!
So many things are in-progress – tiny stick shuttles, needlesticks, tiny beaters, tiny turned beaters, lucets, custom range of tools for a commercial shop, #6 original looms in exotics, boat shuttles, EOW’s, and so much more. Today I had a box go out with 30 #2 fringe twisters, and another with the last 6 of my mini-squirrel cage winders. I’m OUT of several items and replacements are in the plans. For the moment, I’m just keeping my nose above the water line, but not sure for how long….


I will be reissuing my price list very soon – with regret some items will be raising. I’ll do it prospectively – and will announce the effective date soon publishing the price list a couple of weeks or so before it’s effective. I’ll honor existing prices for orders received before the new price list becomes effective. I’m so sorry to raise prices any amount, but business dictates I do so.
I have an outstanding stock of exotics – today unloaded the truck with another very large stash. So, all of these tools in-progress and planned are supported with ready exotic and domestic stock.
SNOW a few times in the past week or so – not much, just a couple of inches, but simple precipitation is so appreciated. The freezing temperatures and exceptional winds can take a hike, though.

Another dream lost seems to be my son moving up and taking my business.  I can only presume he had just rather continue whatever he’s doing in San Antonio.  I will miss that forever.  Quite sadly, too………………….
Later, Jim