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Contact Hokett Would Work HERE!

Bethe Board 003

My name is Jim Hokett and I can be reached directly at:


I can also be contacted via snail mail by writing directly to my email and I’ll share my mailing address.

Thanks for visiting my blog!



38 thoughts on “Contact Hokett Would Work HERE!

    • Thanks, Mary, for the interest. Unfortunately I’m unable to attend this event. I’ll be happy to ship, however. If “A Weaver’s Loft” from Guilford, Indiana is there – look her up as she carries a few of my tools. Otherwise I’ll be at the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta later this month, the Intermountain Weaver’s Conference in Durango in July, Kid ‘N Ewe in Boerne, Texas in November, and likely the Fiber event in Silver City, NM later in November.

  1. Jim, I would love to purchase a couple of your tapestry looms right away. I will be traveling very soon and would love to have your looms to take with me. I have purchased a loom from Three Wishes in Salt Lake City in the past and Mimi Rodes in Salt Lake City gave me your contact information to order directly from you. I hope this is possible. Please contact me with sizes and wood choices as soon as possible. I would greatly appreciate it!
    Sandra Ence Paul

  2. Jim, thank you for your response….I would like to purchase 2 hand looms – the Original and the Intermediate….I did not find a price list…I can give you a credit card number over the phone, if that works for you…I included my phone number on my email to you. Thank you so much!

  3. Hi My Name is Sally Rianhard. I am interested in purchasing some reed hooks and your pointed wooden sticks as thank you gifts for some of my Guild members. Would you please tell me what you have available , cost and if I ordered within the next few days how fast I might receive these items. I live in Bozrah, Ct. Thank you very much. Sally

  4. Hi there!

    Hope your surgery went well. I purchased one of your handmade needles from an etsy shop and it is lovely. I’m a metalsmith and fiber artist and really appreciate the work you’re doing. I had spine surgery this year with complications so I can understand being frustrated by physical limitations. I hope you are able to keep making your work. Thanks for being inspiring. 🙂

    God Bless,
    Nicole Melton
    Knot & Splice

  5. I saw the foot powered skein wonders and really liked the concept. What is the price range? Are the yards marked on the arms?

    • Janice,
      The length of each skein would be determined by the person winding – prepare a guide string and then adjust the “hands” to make that length. I’ve stopped making them and have just two left now. The closeout price is $300 each for those two. Jim

    • Debra

      I’m Jim – not John. Yes I still make a small beater for my tapestry looms. One is a “Little Beater” which is about 1″ x 7-1/4″. Another that’s often used is the “Tiny Barb Beater” – about 1-1/8″ x 2″ to 4″ long.

  6. I would be interested in buying a small weaver that I saw at an art show in Albuquerque. The woman gave me the information which has led to you. Thank you.

  7. good morning, may i get a copy of your price list please. i teach tapestry class, using your tools and always get an request for availability and prices. thank you.. ..

  8. Hi, Jim,

    How large do you make your looms? I have an 8″, a 10″, and a 12″. I’m wondering if you would make me a 15″ or an 18″ loom? Width is not so important to me. 10″ would do the job. Obviously, I’d be interested to know what the price would be. Thanks, Mary

  9. I would love to purchase one of your hand looms. Do you have any left at the 8 per inch?

  10. Aloha-
    I would like to purchase an 8-dent loom kit. Are you doing it in Cherry wood?
    Please send me your price list….I’m also interested in purchasing other items.

    Thank you

  11. Hello! I’m interested in purchasing some more tiny weaving tools for my loom, I was wondering if you have pictures and a price list.

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