Our Grandson Issac


Here are a couple of recent photos of our only Grandchild – Issac.  He’s about to turn 11, and we miss him so dearly, not having seen him since last November.  His Dad took him to a book store and said he could have any book he wanted – his teacher had said he needed to read more.  He picked out a book called “Walter the Farting Dog” – appropriate for a BOY his age!  Well, his Dad and Grandpa likes it too.  We hope to get to see him soon if we can visit San Antonio.  I will not be doing Kid ‘N Ewe this year, nor any other year nor any other show, but seeing friends down there would be a great time.  We love visiting the area!

I’m SO proud of my very bright Grandson Issac – especially for his math abilities!

Tomorrow back to hyper production in the shop.  I”m doing a run of over 100 regular size hand looms in EIGHT-DENT – the only place you can buy them is from Rebecca Mezoff – famous tapestry weaver and teacher in Fort Collins, CO.  Contact Rebecca if  you want 8-dent looms.  Today we visited Albuquerque – I bought some exotic woods at Jake Jocobsen’s Albuquerque Exotic Woods on Menaul – a remarkably neat shop and person.  Jake is a retired APD officer.  I’m so proud to be associated with him.  He may end up with my Powermatic 4224 wood lathe…..  He’s bringing in some world class Cocobolo and Ziricote for Hokett Would Work!  I buy most of my exotics from Jake.


The Dog is Home

IMG_4594This photo is of the right side of the Dog’s gas tank.  The African Vulture image is so interesting – Cat’s idea of the flames worked so perfectly!  Danny Bally of Albuquerque is an exceptional artist – air brush and paint work.  I am so incredibly proud of him and the excitement with my bike that he has brought to me.

IMG_4596The left side of the tank is very special too.  The Turkey Vulture is such an important animal to our environment.  I have always recognized the necessary job they do for us.  The flowing feathers are another of Cat’s ideas – I’m so thankful for this marvelous person in my life.  The spiderweb goes all across the tank and is a suggestion of Danny.  So bright of him!  I’ll likely be having my new helmet painted similarly to the tank.

The work that Crossroads Cycles in Rio Rancho, NM did on the Dog was so fantastic and timely.  Rich and Derrick are SO capable, prompt, HONEST, and kind.  Doing what they promise in the time they promise without requiring payment in advance makes for faithful customers.  They corrected a number of items that had kept my bike so handicapped for the whole time I’ve had it.  It is now safe, more reliable, and perfect that ever.  A serious safety issue with the steering was corrected, as was the front wheel hop, electrical issues – all caused by less than quality work, and  the rest.  Crossroads Cycles is our permanent shop.  If  you have a motorcycle, it should be for you too!

IMG_4602Here are the Fury (foreground) and Big Dog together.  We picked them up Friday and everything is good!   Crossroads Cycles installed the new Mustang seats on the Fury, installed larger and much more comfortable grips, and did a 5000 mile service too.  We’re taking a ride this morning and I’ll ride it with the new seat! Yesterday we rode to Pie Town for pie and Datil for lunch – me on the Big Dog.  My bike performed remarkably – more secure, stable, and ride quality since I’ve owned it.  Even at 75 it was smooth and almost no vibration at all.  Looking into the mirrors was like I was still – so clear and no vibration at al!

The building in the background on the right is where we store these two bikes.  I’ve considered calling it the “Buzzard Roost” in honor of my Big Dog – “The Old Buzzard”.  However, that excludes Cat’s trike.  So, perhaps something like the “Hog and Dog House”.   We’ll figure it out.  The building with the red door is a rather large storage building filled mostly with finished product of mine.  It’s a very very busy place…  Tomorrow we plan on my 69th Birthday Ride – Santa Fe or Artesia.   Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Life is good!       Jim

Floating Sues and Tiny Turned Beaters


Here is a photo of some of the 760 whorls for Floating Sues I finished today.  There are a few in the lower left corner that had not been dosed with Watco Danish Oil.  It’s a great finish – penetrates well and helps hold the color.  It’s the only finish I use on most of the tools I create.  There are about 30 different woods and they all look so nice together.  I’ll assemble them in a few days to the shafts and eye hooks.  Such fun I have!


And, here is a photo of  a box of my Tiny Turned Beaters I finished two days ago!  The variety of woods is terrific – and they are so much fun to make.  I take a blank, turn the handle, then carve the “business end”.  This tool is one of the few that I use a fine wax to polish after MUCH hand sanding.  I’m having fun!

Tomorrow both of my motorcycles will be ready to pick up from Crossroad Cycles in Rio Rancho.  They are a remarkable group of mechanics who actually work on bikes when they are delivered, complete the repairs or work promptly and as promised.  They managed to correct quite a number of errors a different shop committed on my long bike – the Big Dog.  I can hardly wait to see it all together with the world class air brush art on it that Danny Bally did for me!  He did all of the art work and finished the tank in less than a week – exactly as promised, without breaks for treatment.  I’m so fortunate to have found these two  fantastic shop!  Now, to find a quality leather person to do a custom fork bag or two……  Photos of the bikes to follow.  We’re riding for a few days, including Monday – my BIrthday!  I’m Officially OLD!


How to Weave on a Hokett Hand Loom

Here is a photo I took today for a shop in Canada that’s considering carrying some of my work, Intermediate Looms, in particular. These are Cocobolo, Purpleheart, and Katalox. I have MANY in Cocobolo in stock and about 8 other woods in-progress. It’s representative of the variety of woods I carry for my four sizes of hand looms. It continues to be great fun!
On a different note, Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Company in Nashville made a remarkable set of instructions, photos included, for weaving on my little looms. SO many of my other customers have commented about her blog, and with her permission, the link is: http://fringeassociation.com/2014/12/09/how-to-weave-on-a-hokett-hand-loom/
Karen is one of many wonderful representatives of my work – these little looms and tools in particular and I’m proud of them all! Thankful, too!
The growing number of shops presenting my work is really dear, and I feel so blessed.
Fun comment. Photos soon of my newly FINALLY completed Big Dog custom chopper motorcycle. Crossroads Cycles in Rio Rancho, NM is almost complete correcting many mistakes of the building past. And, mounting the newly air brush painted gas tank! An African Vulture on one side and a Turkey Vulture on the other – some flowing flames, some flowing feathers, and a very special spiderweb connecting it all. Danny Bally, a world class air brush artist who actually does the work, wouldn’t let me carry it to the car! I’m so thankful for Danny’s efforts, as well as Rich and Derick at Crossroads. I’m so anxious! Cat picked up her trike, finally repaired, with correction of badly installed wiring and installation of an auto-tune to compliment the power commander. I left my Honda Fury there for installation of some “improvements”.
Still looking for my perfect Corvette. May have to just order a ’16.
Bless you all!