The “Carolien” Hand Loom Stand

Several days ago I was able to design and produce a remarkable stand for securing my hand looms to weave using both hands! It came about at the request of a young lady in Belgium named Carolien who has the use of only one arm. She was struggling to find some way to weave efficiently using my loom – having such focus and ambition, but without much success. She had been doing embroidery on a stand made for that purpose but was unable to adapt it for weaving. Her request a few weeks ago gave me pause, and time gave me daily thought as to what I could do to accommodate her needs. That morning was reserved intending do something solid. I left the house without a design – just intent. But, on the way, a sudden flash of inspiration came to me – a flood of design that sometimes happens to me after deliberation to problem solve. Most often it comes during sleep – I awake suddenly with a solid solution to challenging problems…..

The solution was so good – so wonderful – and so fun to make! It took me a couple of hours to do this first-of – and it’s so incredible. I’m so proud of it – it can be used by Carolien as she wanted – to hold between her legs, adjustable in height and angle. It will accommodate my Tiny, Original, or Large loom.

It could also be used on a table. With a simple modification, it could be used to support one of my Very Large Looms as well. With an extended support shaft and a larger base, it would work well as a floor stand. I’ve not set final prices, but it will be sorta pricey. I’m using exotic woods for the bases, square steel tubing for the verticals, and “C” clamps to secure the looms.

This is a 100% original artistic creation of Jim Hokett of Hokett Would Work and I reserve all rights. Before I release the wonderful photographs Cat took and accept orders, I’d like to know if there is enough interest in such support stands to do so. Is there?

I am so proud of and thankful to Carolien for her inspiration. She is a remarkable young lady.   Her stand, loom, and tools will be in the mail to her tomorrow.  I’d love to hear from anyone who might have interest in a hand loom stand……