It’s a Wrap

All good things come to an end. This morning saw a commitment to sell all of my remaining fiber tool and equipment to a large dealer. Details later. I’m very very happy. Several large dealers did their thing in the past few months. They all will represent my work well, including Every dealer regardless of size.
On another matter, I’ll likely soon be gifting my custom chopper to a grand nephew! Some details to work out, but hope it will go to him in the next several weeks to a few months. I want to ride it a bit before seeing it go to such a very deserving home. Details later.
Spending lots of time in the shops cleaning, rearranging, and throwing away. The back of the truck is cram packed with mostly cardboard tightly packed to take to recycling tomorrow. This is all a result of selling everything and packing to mail. We recycle anyway, but this is major.
We’re staying busy and doing what we can, however less and differently than ever before. Life is good to those who take a few minutes to just appreciate every breath we take.
The ’41 Ford Pickup is progressing — it’s being reassembled with all the new parts replacing all mechanical and electrical. I”m hoping to find a good home for the drivetrain.  It’s in great shape and original to the truck. Ford Flatheads Forever! I learned to drive in Dad’s 1950 Ford pickup and its V-8 flathead – perhaps the most reliable engine in history.

Later, Jim

Going, Going…………

All good things do come to an end. The fiber tool part of my business is almost completely gone. I’ll be liquidating what’s left in the next few days to my largest dealers who have the capacity – at appropriate prices. More on this soon.
I cannot begin to explain how I appreciate the support of so many fine people in my 25 years at doing all this… I’m tired and worn out.  I’ve tried to keep still about so many overtly copying my work, even one Very large loom manufacturer who literally copied the concept and layout for my little looms and tools in kits, even showing examples of work on “their” looms exactly as I have been doing for Years.  They should be ashamed, but apparently have no honor.  I know the owner and thought he was better than that.  I do not wish them well.  Many of my customers have written me about that sham.  I’m betting that thousands have noticed the skimming of intellectual property as well…………………………….
Complete mechanical and electrical updating on the ’41 Ford F1 is going well and should be done July’ish. Very anxious and still patient…..
Cat’s issues are at least named. Some treatment is available thru pharma. We hope for at least improvement with her balance issues.
Cat’s trike and my Honda Fury sold. Custom chopper has not so I brought it back home. I”ll ride it now and then, sometimes with Cat as a passenger. Would love to sell it – and thinking of giving it to someone I respect a lot…..
Tomorrow inventory of what’s left in my stock. Did some shop cleaning this morning but NO production!
More very soon…….