Far Too Much

Far too much has been going on since my last post ages ago.  My visiting son did help me so much to get so much done.  Kid ‘N Ewe in Boerne, Texas was a great success – it was so nice to get to see many friends and family there.  Unfortunately a seriously unpleasant person at that event has caused me to rethink whether it’s a good thing to trust “dealers” or not.  This degenerate has chosen to put honesty and honor aside, to become profane, insulting, and simply severely mean.  I’m actually broken hearted at this turn of events, but I will not stoop to this persons cesspool level of absolute and total dishonesty.  I am profoundly honest and sincere with every person I come in contact with – even this disgustingly horrible person.

My sales since that show have been astronomically successful.  I will not Ever catch up – and will not continue trying, either.  So many commissions are coming my way, so many overwhelming huge orders from respectable dealers flood me.  I cannot keep up with it all.  Still, I’ll only accept what is fun and challenging.  Major changes in what I produce are on the horizon.  A new price list is forthcoming.  I’ll dispose of a number of items I normally carry.  I’ve rethought getting help in production – it’s still ME.

Yesterday Cat and I picked up our youngest son from Amtrack in El Paso – he’s visiting for the holidays and we appreciate Eric so much.  James and his family are still in San Antonio, and Ann remains in Alabama.  We’re visiting a dear friend in Albuquerque tomorrow for Christmas Dinner.  We are so honored that she invited us.

Last week I had the great privilege of selecting a giant amount of very nice exotic hardwoods at Albuquerque Exotic Hardwoods!  Jake is a fantastic gentleman and I respect him & what  he’s doing there.  I’m a good customer.  In that stash was a large board of exceptional Gabon Ebony at $300!  I’ve decided to make a very fine run of my Intermediate (9″ x 9″) hand looms!  They will be pricey, but heirloom quality.  I’m on the brink of announcing Exotic Wood Loom kits!  SO many customers have requested them, and about 200 will be ready very soon.  Rebecca Mezoff will be carrying her unique exotic loom kit to use in her classes.  She’s such a wonderful representative and I appreciate her a lot. Other new things will come soon.

Monday I was in the process of cutting preforms of tools for the loom kits when I had a seriously difficult event on the table saw.  Due to my own mistake, a diagonal portion of my left thumb was removed along with a lot of tissue.  I had ready a product called “WOUND SEAL” from Walgreens.  It did what it promised  –  to stop heavy bleeding almost instantly.   A visit to the ER and good medication, I’m going to heal, but slowly as it takes such a long time for such an injury.  So, for those who have been looking for special items, it’ll be a few weeks.  I will NOT ever do that again.

Now, back to reintroduce myself to the table saw in a more gentle manner.  Thanks to all of the honest customers of mine for your kind support.  I respect all of you.