A New Beginning

SO much has been happening……

Cat returned to her studio full time a few weeks ago. Her incredibly wonderful assistance in the shop has been such an energizer and facilitated me keeping my nose above the water line. I appreciate her more than I could ever say. She’s extremely successful with her fabric and is doing so well. I wish that I could help her as much as she’s helped me. She’s sold one of her looms with more to go. None are immediately available, but one will be soon. It’s a Macomber 24 harness 60″. It is not shippable, and you would have to pick it up at her studio here, AND bring all of the muscle you’d need to remove it and load it with your manpower. My shoulders are not in condition that I can lift much at all – and the right has been ripped again. NO more surgeries… If you’re interested in the loom contact me.
I’ve hired a helper for 3 days a week to help with such things as finishing, marking, drilling, assembly, and lots of sanding. Jericho is doing a wonderful job and is eager to learn new things. Her able help is saving my business – literally. I have a couple of dozen tools near out of stock and a few that ARE out of stock. I’m working as hard as I can every day of the week till I give out. But, Very great successes. In lieu of domestic wood for the mini-squirrels I did a run of 75 in African Mahogany – some very dark and some not so much. It’s a beautiful wood and the new tools are so pretty. Price bumped a bit. Cat cut the the threads on every one of the 150 rods for support of the cages! What a powerful woman! I’m so proud of her!
All of my looms are in very good stock, so if you need anything just let me know. I ALWAYS have some in production. Always…..
We just finished oiling a boat load of tools and looms recently. The looms are just flying away in sometimes very big groups. I’m mailing a large order of the BEM kits to a college in Texas next week. Several educational institutions from elementary to secondary facilities as well as shops are mailed several times a week. I sell regular boat shuttles to The Woolery and they are doing so well with them.
This past week I sold all 24 remaining weaving benches to a dealer. All of them…. They just didn’t move well except at shows, so me needing the storage room, made a deal. I mail them Monday. Three years storing is too much. I”ll continue frequent custom benches for customers around. Next week I’m doing a very special custom bench for a lady who has 3 already. Sounds like Texas where about a dozen customers sort of collected my benches – some with as many as a dozen or more…. They are such a joy to make. This one I’m going to do will have a very fine figured Goncolo Alves top and copper stretchers. Am undecided what woods to use for the skirt and legs. I’ll guarantee that she will Love it!
I’m about to take a ride this morning on my chopper – The Old Buzzard. It’s about time I did at least some riding in spite of all the demands on my time in the shop… I wish everyone well and perhaps each of you will have as good a feeling about life as I do. ¬†Perhaps some photos next time.