Taos Fiber Marketplace

Taos 2013 010I thought it might be nice to share a couple of photos of my booth space from Taos Fiber Marketplace. If there is anything one wishes to get more details on, please feel free to contact me at “Contact Hokett Would Work HERE!” at the top of this blog!

The Squirrel Cages and Foot-Powered Skein Winders prove to be quite popular and I currently have more under construction in my workshop now!

My benches and notion boxes found happy new homes, too!Image

Inkle Loom

Inkle Loom

This versatile loom is for weaving narrow items like hat bands, belts, purse handles and much more.

Please note the handle on the tension adjustment knob is an old door knob… this is a unique feature of all my inkle looms!

Fringe Twister

Fringe Twister

These tools are so handy and a big time-saver while making twisted fringe on stoles, scarves, blankets and more.

Six Twisters 002
I have fringe twisters with 2-prong, 3-prong and 4-prong and have even made 6-prong on special order.

Thread Box

Thread Box

I began making this box as gifts years ago and it is still very popular. There is a compartment drawer at the bottom for supplies and sundries, there are pegs for spools of thread, there is 2 top slots for scissors and there is a cork on the handle for needles.
I can make this Thread Box in a variety of finishes.

The Knitting Jimmy

The Knitting Jimmy

Yes, this is an decorative and elaborate version of the old spool and nails…. notice the little “mouse hole” for the resulting knitted piece to emerge while the Jimmy sits firmly on the table!

Floating Sue

Floating Sue

These are called Floating Sue because a dear friend named Sue thought them UP!

These tools are used to weight down floating selvedges and they can hold a VERY large amount of warp, too. The warp can be wound around the top and ‘hooked’ onto the hook at the top to keep it from unraveling. If there is a large amount of warp, it can be wrapped around the bottom of the Sue, as well.

Threading Hooks and Fetch Hooks


Threading hooks, for threading the heddles of your loom are hand-turned and polished to a silky smooth sheen. The hook shaft is from the Schacht Spindle Company and is stainless steel. Some have a screw-eye at the end of the handle to tie a security yarn to the wrist.


Here is a photo of Fetch Hooks. These beautiful little hooks are used to ‘fetch’ the fibers through the orifice of a spinning wheel in preparation for spinning. They have hand-turned exotic handles, hand polished to a silky sheen. They all have a spring wire which can be bent into a custom hook that will fit each individual spinning wheel. Most have a screw-eye at the end of the handle for ease of hanging the Fetch Hook from your spinning wheel!

Lease Stick Holders



These are my very popular Leese Stick Holders! They come in pairs in a variety of exotic woods. Each holder is about 1/4″ X 1 1/2″ with two 1/4″ holes for lashing to the loom and two pairs of holes for the sticks to be inserted. The stick holes are rectangular with a round hole included within it to accommodate rectangular or round leese sticks.

Some weavers leave these holders permanently tied to their looms because they are out of the way when not in use and they “are pretty”.

Sley Hooks and Sley Wires

There are many methods for sleying the reed and here’s little hand tools offered by Hokett Would Work for this purpose.

The top photo shows the traditional sley hook, made out of hand cut solid brass in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate average to very fine reeds. This tool is also available from Hokett Would Work in copper!

Sley Hooks - 2

The lower photo shows my sley wires, which have proven to be very popular.

Sley Wire 2

Here’s another view of my sley wires showing a very wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Each handle is hand turned and hand finished with a spring wire loop about 2 1/2″ long. The sley wire tool has an overall length of about 4 1/2″ and is very comfortable in the hand when sleying your reed.

This tool is inspired by Barb Gallagher of “A Weaver’s Loft” in Guilford, IN.

Sley Wire 1

For further information about my sley hooks and sley wires, please click on CONTACT Hokett Would Work, above.



Nottle Lids - Crochet  Hook 6

So what are “Nottles”? They are needle bottles…two words that were blended into one!

Some “Nottles” are quite small…..and some are quite tall!

Nottles 1

Nottles - Crochet Hook 5

These nottles are made especially to hold crochet hooks! Nottles - Crochet Hook 4

They are works of art. They can hold your rings, your crochet hooks, your knitting needles, your little treasures or your needles. They each are unique and one-of-a-kind and have formed in their own way…. each telling the maker’s hand what they will be…

Nottles 2

They come in every mixture of woods that you can imagine. These little gems are also known as “ETUIs”. They are lathe turned with in interior opening measurement of 1 1/4″ in diameter. All container have hand-turned exotic wood cork-stoppered lids.

For further details about “Nottles”, click CONTACT Hokett Would Work, seen above.