April Showers

Well, we had NO showers this month though we feel as if we’ve been rained on. With all the changes to all our lives due to the Virus in the US everyone has been faced with so many unplanned though necessary events. We’re weathering these changes and so happy Ann and David are here to help us. We don’t have to go out shopping! I still cook a LOT and enjoy it very greatly.
April also brought a bit of seriousness to our lives. Cat spent several days in the hospital with an internal condition. She’s back home now and I continue to do everything possible to care for her. We’ve had home health care professionals in to help with her recovery. Her treatment while in the hospital was magnificent! GCRMC here in Alamogordo is fantastic and we both appreciate their skills and professionalism. Cat’s doing much better. I wish I were.
The ’41 Ford pickup is still in intensive care. Surely it’ll be complete in May! It’s been such a long long time, so much fostered by the incompetent person having it for 2 years – then delivering it in such horrid condition.
I’m wishing everyone a wonderful day and a healthy & safe livelihood!