Pig and Pepper

IMG_4716 IMG_4712 IMG_4719Two issues today. The Pig and Pepper. I finished the pig. Well, except for the blue eyes to come. The pink pig is done and in place. We love it a LOT! Fun should be a part of life, right? And, life. It should be full of love. We improved that with Pepper. She’s a rescue – fixed, Doxie/Chihuahua mix, and so full of love and trust for us. She’s so trusting, quiet, and has already brought us such peace. We’ve missed having such a source of four legged love in our life, and here she is! Lap of love…… We’re taking Cat’s industrial sewing machine with us to Albuquerque Monday to a new home Monday when I get my eye injection. I’ll sit in the truck while the new owner of the machine deals with the unloading. Cat’s such a remarkable source of support and peace. I’d not do this without her calm and love…………..

Monday, Monday

A favorite song of mine. Unfortunately, this coming Monday I return to a long series of chemo injections into my right eye for macular degeneration. Just can’t describe how much of a downer that is right now. Still hopeful. Mostly hopeful that I can tolerate them.
This past Monday had a neurology deal. Severe headaches for awhile. Tests. Gonna try prevention rather than treatment. Seizure drugs. We’ll see. Wait – does that connect with the MD before? Speaking of headaches, I woke with a really bad one at two this morning. It’s about 8 and still have it. Hoping for relief, but so far what I’ve taken hain’t (my new word) worked. Yet.
Yesterday finished all the welding on my art piggie! Today gonna visit Socorro to get the paint to paint my oinker. Think that it’ll be pink.
So many sales recently. I am deeply thankful for the honor I feel every time someone so respects my work with a purchase, even if it’s a $6 tiny Barb beater, or a $6,500 shop order………………… Neither is more important than the other. And a lady in Norway cried when she opened her order at the beauty of the American Black Walnut loom kits……………….
Photo of my pig soon.

Metal Stuff

DSCN2429 DSCN2430 DSCN2434

Here are photos of more spiders. The bodies of the large ones are bowling balls! I just love doing such things – and they do get lots of comments from people driving by our place….. Not sure what I might do next, but it’ll be fun! Hey, I have the pieces for a pig that might develop……. The weaving tools continue to find new homes. The little looms remain so incredibly popular. ┬áRiding our bikes when we can. ┬áI love this life!

Gates & Spiders

IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4703Something that Cat and I have wanted to do for quite awhile was to improve our fencing around our property. A neighbor and friend, Jimmy Sanchez, did the work for us to extend the height of our perimeter fencing – it’s done and looks super! A very aggressive dog in the neighborhood had been jumping the fence and creating a “disturbance”. Problem solved.
Cat wants to get a little dog friend – so we created a space in front of the home/Cat’s studio entrance. She installed the chicken wire and so on – and we built a girdle around concrete block pedestals. Over the space we built an arbor for honeysuckle and trumpet vine. Gate. I had an apostrophe. So, we built two gates between the pedestals with a large spider web in the inside! Secure for a little dog. Decoration. What better thing to decorate the gate/entrance that a very large spider….. So, my substantially unusual mind saw a Black Widow Spider – steel – with a bowling ball as the large part of the body! It worked! Used steel pipe, electrical conduit, steel rod, and red coral for the eyes. I have three more that I’ll be doing – one I’ll leave the bowling ball a brilliant red! Yes, I’m unusual…. A couple of those may live around my shop buildings… I can’t wait till someone visits – comes thru the gate – and sees the guardian……………..
Since we moved here 13 years ago we’ve wanted to replace the address sign that had been on the main gate. Cat had an idea to get plasma cut letters/numbers and put on a board. Well, my mind remembered a large very weathered board I had found. See that result – seems pretty neat! I added three cast lizards, Cat added metal flowers, and it’s so neat!
Still working as hard as I can on everything. Great stock on most stuff. About to refinish Nottles to go to Museum gift shops in Taos. Taking a sick MIG welder to Abq soon for repairs. Riding as much as we can under the circumstances.
Everything good to everyone.

My June

Well, here I am letting myself be so busy that I don’t post for a month….. It’s been one of those. Cat’s help in the shop has been fantastic! So much more productive because of her! She’s still weaving and shipping everywhere, too. I’ve made perhaps 2000 looms, countless tools, and so much more this month. In the next few days I’ll be refinishing the big run of Nottles. Many will be going to the Taos Museum of Art gift shop and the Harwood Museum of Art gift shop – it’s been awhile since they both have asked for replacement stock. I’m so blessed and Honored, too!
Cat and I made a rather large arbor over two block pedestals at our entrance. The vines are growing well now and look super! Very recently we made a pair of gates for that entrance. The frames are square steel tubing – and a spider web radiates from the bottom center…. Remarkable! I’ll be adding a couple of very large Black Widow spiders to each side. I have the very unusual and special material for them now – and can hardly wait! Photos to come! Just yesterday we mounted steel letters and numbers representing our address to a very old, weathered, rough board about 9′ long – this was mounted to our center gate to our property. More photos to come! Cat has worked so hard to make the gated entrance to our home safe for a little dog. We’re looking now and have not yet found the right rescue. Having a little buddy in our lives has been awhile coming again after losing Jake a few years ago. Cat’s garden started fine – but has sorta taken pause on growth…. Just not our year I guess.
Today we spent in Albuquerque for many errands. Gathering supplies and equipment for projects is important. Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory was a highlight! We did get materials to make our property safe from jumping dogs. Friends will install the fencing to prevent one bold and destructive/dangerous dog from getting in. It’s also to make safe for our new little dog to come. I will not permit it or us to be endangered by such a pest…..
We’ve not ridden a lot. Cat’s trike had a transmission issue and has been in the shop for a bit. It’s ready today – so we go with the trailer to pick it up Saturday very early. Rich at Crossroads in Rio Rancho has installed radically reliable clutch/linkage to prevent the same shifting problem from recurring. What a marvelous person!
The Corvette is a POS. Both General Motors in the sky an Reliable Chevy simply refuse to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am profoundly disgusted and sad and insulted all in one. Cat is counseling me to just make the best, but it’s tough to look at it that way when we have spent such a large amount then be treated like crap and lied to. I encourage anyone seeing this to avoid General Motors products, Chevy in particular, and Corvettes absolutely. I am very deeply saddened – I had wanted a Corvette since seeing the very first one in 1953. The Silverado is in the same POS status…………………… How can corporations get away with this sort of behavior? I won’t write what I believe the reason IS.
Some rain around! It’s been so long that have about forgotten what it’s about. Our last real precipitation was December 26 with almost three FEET of snow….
We stay so busy, by choice, and appreciate the life we have. I wish every person reading this blog to have the same outlook. I thank every person who’s been enjoying the fruit of my artistic labor….