Settling In

Cat and I made it to our new home here in Alamogordo. So many issues along the way but we’re so happy to be settling in. We knew what we’d be bringing so much more than we would keep, and wow but that was so very true. This afternoon we found the silverware! Dishes soon I hope. Did find the pots and pans but no preparation utensils. Yet. Sleeping in our own bed is refreshing and so comfortable.

Pepper is getting used to having a huge yard – but we’ll have landscaping done and no more grass except for a patch just for her. Found a garden storage building that will work – will design a workshop for the lapidary equipment eventually – no hurry. Part of it will be storage of course. Still don’t have the ’41 Ford here yet – Travis is having scheduling issues – perhaps very early this week. Tomorrow afternoon the phone REPAIR people will return – it worked a whole 12 hours or so…….. The internet is blazing fast and love it! Our rabbit ears in the house only gives us a couple of independents, but usable minimally. Also Monday afternoon the cable crew comes to make our home connected for basic broadcast and some cable like National Geographic and such. It’s what we watch most of the time anyway.

Need go return to the base pharmacy after Kirtland AFB transfers our prescriptions. LOVING having a big range of food/restaurant choices here!!!!!! And, 3 large grocers – not just stuck with wallyworld.

Our handyman is so good! While the new cabinets are 3 months out, we’re anxious already……….. The views from our home of the mountains are magnificent. Exploring the region in the old truck is a huge fun thing to come. The guest room is simple storage right now – yet another thing to look forward to. Having the office set up is great – but about 1000# of Cat’s books to deal with. At the moment there is no place for them. Will be dumping or giving away more than 100 LP’s mostly from the 60’s.

Huge changes in our lifestyle – adjustments every day……… But, we’re handling it bit by bit…. Thanks to those who have followed and supported us in this fun though unplanned move..


Packing It In

Cat and I have just about completed packing everything for our move to Alamogordo. Today marked a milestone for myself – ALL the shops, new garage, old Bike House, and bowl room are totally empty and cleaned, even the shelving. The crew of Tyler did an amazing job of it all. Robert came with his son and took lots of stuff, including the shelving I had used for so long.

The morning started with a huge jolt – the ‘mover’ I’ve been talking to revealed that his services were ONLY he and another packing our items – we have to supply all the supplies, boxes, and even RENT THE VAN for them to load!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up to this point he was going to come in a 31′ van with a crew… I was totally blown away and stunned at this revelation! The work leader of the Tyler crew overheard my angst and offered that he and helpers routinely move people and could do that for us too! Tyler arranged for the van and all. So, we’ll still pack the guest bed, computer work stations & computers, and outside stuff tomorrow, driving down with Pepper Sunday. We have two able helpers to unload and set that up there. We return to Magdalena Sunday afternoon and Tyler’s crew come Monday morning to pack, load, and likely take the load down Tuesday morning. Cat and I will leave Pepper at a boarder Sunday and after the crew does their thing Monday, go on back to Alamogordo…… They will show up at our new home with the truck and disperse everything as we direct.

What a saving action by Tyler and the guys! Two local professional movers to take care of us and our stuff! We’re blessed.

Today I met with our friend across the road who will deliver the ’41 Ford pickup to our home in Alamogordo the 17th. HUGE problem solved!

We’re on the way and at a more relaxed & reliable pace. Both Cat and I are so desperately tired and worn out, but it’s a good feeling. We can hardly wait to be “Home”…………

This morning it was 24 degrees when I went out with Pepper. So, we finally turned on the furnace. Still feels good as it’s just 57 now at 4:00 pm…..

Thanks to all the good people who have sorta moved along with us giving their blessings and support. We have so many good friends who share with us that way. Now, a lite dinner and a quiet evening.