Lapidary Equipment

Well, our visit to Deming for the much anticipated rock show was not what I wanted. It had been forced to close the first two days but did open Saturday. There were far fewer dealers than I’ve ever seen there, very few visitors, and NO equipment! I was so disappointed! I was ready with a rather large ‘bundle’ ready to buy…. So, is there anyone aware of any rock cutting and polishing equipment for sale? New is almost out of reach but I’ll consider that if necessary. I would appreciate it so much if anyone might put me on to anything lapidary. My money is good. I do have a 20″ rock saw – needs some work but not near what I thought it would after a review yesterday. A smaller one would be so nice along with other equipment.

Ann turned 46, not 45 the 14th, so I guess I’m a year older than I thought…. She’s doing well at the Dollar General store in Ruidoso. Today her hubby David accepts a nice job offer from the local WalMart. Both of them are so happy and looking forward to putting down their own roots here. Both have expressed limitless love for Alamogordo and the area….. We do too.

Most people here are being level headed about all the mess dealing with the virus threats. Most…………… I hope that everyone can be a bit more reasonable….



Cat and I completed our move here in October. Much of what we wanted to do has been finished too. The kitchen & bath cabinets & granite countertops, walk-in shower, workshop in back, garden shed, rock landscaping in back, and more. The garage is again a garage and ready for the ’41 Ford truck – I visit the machinist this afternoon to talk about specific actions he’ll do to the engine. Expect it to be radically powerful. When the engine is done and broken in, Alamo Tire will install it and the new transmission along with several other things left incomplete or very poorly performed by the ‘builder’ up North. Wow, but I was really screwed over that deal. But, I’m in good hands now. It’s really beginning to feel like it’s really ours. All the artwork is up and looks so nice.

The trees in front are finished blooming and the leaves are coming out. Yesterday it looked like heavy snow with the wind blowing. These leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall!

Ann and David arrived this week. Their personals are in a storage facility and jobs line up for them. They are such neat kids. Yea, kids – Ann turns 45 tomorrow…. They will accompany us tomorrow to visit the Deming, NM Rockhound Roundup. I’m in the market for several pieces of lapidary equipment to use in the workshop. My activities will center around cutting and polishing rocks – Cat will sorta be with me as she sits in the covered patio nearby.

The weather here is so neat – just as I remember from the 70’s and 80’s when I was active duty Air Force at Holloman AFB.

No more woodworking or sales of anything….. It’s time to take huge chunks of happy and fun into our lives.