More Shuttles

Shuttles are the efficiency of weaving, the carriers of weft, and the one tool that weavers handle more than any other. These tools have to be just right for the job, just right for the loom and, most importantly, just right to the weaver!


There are more styles of shuttles than anyone can count! Above are pictured my Rag Shuttle which can aide in weaving rag rugs and place mats. These shuttles come in various exotic woods, has a height of 1 1/2″ to 2″ and comes in several different lengths.


And now, above is my Rug Shuttle because it’s so popular for handling a lot of larger yarns like might be used in rugs. Some weavers also use them for not to large yarn, a 6/2 or 8/2 worsted wool, for example, or 5/2 cotton, or a novelty silk.

Rug Shuttles - 1


These shuttles come in a variety of exotic woods and are low profile with a 1″ to 1 1/2″ height in various lengths.


Here, above, are the Stick Shuttles which also come in a variety of woods and lengths.

Belt Shuttles - Regina & Reg

These above are my Belt Shuttles. These shuttles come in a variety of woods and lengths. The ones pictured are commonly used in tablet and inkle weaving and are:

1) Regina Belt Shuttle which is 1/4″ X 1 1/2″ X 6″.

2) Belt Shuttle which is1/4″ X 1 1/2″ X 8″.

Please contact me directly by going to the heading “CONTACT HOKETT WOULD WORK HERE!” to get further information about these and other tools on this blog.

Benches by Hokett Would Work

I work with such a wide variety of woods, both foreign and domestic, that no two pieces are really ever the same. So it is true of my benches.


I create a never-ending variety of these popular benches by combining woods for the top, the stretchers, the skirts and the legs. The height of a bench can vary upon request, as well as the length and width and I use this bench design to make a much lower little Threading Stool. The elements in common with all my benches are the rounded corners of the top and the hand hold in the top center which makes it easy to move these benches with one hand, if desired. Some people even use this handy bench as a side table, easily moving it around as needed.




These photos above show some of my work to convey variety and possibilities, but doesn’t guarantee that these particular pieces are still available.

Please see “CONTACT Hokett Would Work HERE”for further details.

Hokett Would Work Hand Looms

Copy of Hand Looms - Reg & Tiny

Hokett Would Work Hand Looms

These beloved little hand looms are great for sampling and making small tapestries. The slot sett is currently at 6 ends per inch, with some of my older stock set at 8 ends per inch until they are all sold and gone.

I currently produce 3 sizes of Hokett Would Work Hand Looms:

~ The Original, the first model and the most popular, measures about 7″ wide and 8″ long. The weaving area is 6″ X 6 1/4″. The looms are made from a variety of domestic and/or exotic woods, with Ebony at a higher price.

~ The Tiny, the smallest of my Hand Loom, measures about 4″ wide and 6″ long and the weaving area is 3″ X 5″. These little looms are made from a variety of domestic and/or exotic woods, with Ebony at a higher price.

~ The Intermediate, the largest of the my Hand Looms, measures about 9″ wide and 10″ tall with a weaving area of 8″ X 8 1/4″. This loom is made of Cocobolo wood unless otherwise ordered.

Copy of Cats Tapestry

I have other sizes sizes available, limited to stock on hand.

Hand Looms & Tools 4

Above can be seen the many tiny tools I make for working with the Hokett Would Work Hand Looms. These tools can be bought separately.
Go to “CONTACT HOKETT WOULD WORK” in this blog to email me and get my current price list on these looms and tools.

Hokett Would Work Warping Reel

Here's a Normal Sized Hokett Would Work Warping Reel

This reel has been “ebonized” as part of a custom order. Most of my reels are of maple, pine, or poplar or a mixture of them. Reels can be made to order of exotic woods by request, usually at a higher price. The old books advise that this size reel can handle up to 5 yards, but many weavers use them to measure 15 to 30 yards! Contact me for current price list.

An End Of Warp Shuttle in action!

An End Of Warp Shuttle in action!

This little shuttle is handy for any small projects and works well for low shed heights. But it was created for this purpose pictured here ~ To be able to weave that last little space at the end of your warp when you think you can’t weave another shot! Here my wife got another 5″ of fabric after she could not weave any more with her conventional shuttle!

New! The Mini Reel from Hokett Would Work!

New from Hokett Would Work!

It’s a new Mini Reel!

This is the most recent creation from my shop! This little Mini Reel measures 1 yard around, so it’s great to use for measuring that short warp for a scarf or two, or a stole or warp for your inkle loom or any small project!

It’s easy to use while sitting comfortably in a chair at a tabletop, folds to quite small when not in use and stores in very little space. ┬áIt is 14″ wide and 17″ tall. This ittie bittie version of my larger warping reel is constructed of pine (with a natural finish) and has an exotic wood base riser and finial which is turned.

Construction of the Mini Reel can be custom ordered.