Eyes and Looms

Well, good things happen sometimes. Yesterday we met with my eye doc to review status of the macular degeneration in my right eye. Apparently the chemotherapy injections into the eye not only halted progressing but reversed it as well! You cannot imagine the relief that both Cat and I feel! I’m blessed and thankful for all of the good wishes so many communicated to me.
Warmer weather. Riding our bikes and the ‘Vette more. Shop shouting with progress – especially with the great assistance of Cat – scroll saw, band saw, assembling loom kits, applying Danish Oil to my product, and so much more. We do make a really good team. In that subject, I have another 600 of the Bird’s Eye Maple loom kits completed as of today! YEA! Now, I have 600 in stock…… The Post Office here in Magdalena loves me – they see me almost every day. I appreciate each and every person even looking at this page, and each and every purchase every time, regardless of size.
A lady in Norway recently bought a quantity of American Black Walnut loom kits. It’s refreshing to see my work continue to travel the world.
So, the Eyes have it! Every day of my life is a blessing.