Dee’s Samples

Dee Jochen sent me a photo of some of her samples using my looms. Isn’t this nice! Thanks to her for sharing.
Cold at night and lately warmer days. I can stand this, even the cold for Cat refers to me as the “Polar Cat”…. Now, if we could just get some moisture – it’s been months. Our younger son, Eric, from San Antonio is visiting for a few days. Nice to have company – gives me excuses to cook more. Well, I do that anyway as we eat whether visitors are here or not.
Looking for good test results in the next week……………. Answers, at least. It’s been a tough row the past two years.
The new garage for the ’41 is almost done! Just trim on the door and gravel to finish the ramp. Wish I were able to do such building as I have done a lot before…
Happy New Year, too!