Rare Old Structo For Sale

Cat has a marvelous loom for sale. Here is what she has to say about it:
$1,000 OBO – I say “old” because it was built in 1932! This loom is an 8-Harness, 14 Treadle, 48″ weaving width piece-of-history! It is very rare that Stucto Artcraft Looms, usually table-top looms, made a large floor loom. It has a foot-print of half-a-Volkswagen! I have had this loom since 1984, it was my first “commercial” loom. and have been weaving stoles, baby blankets and fabrics on it ever since! I will miss this loom TERRIBLY, but I must make more room in my studio. I do not recommend this loom be used for rugs….it does wonderfully on fine fabrics. It is a big loom, but not built for rugs.  I’m only the second owner of this wonderful piece of equipment.  I purchased it form the first owner who made fabric for suits for her husband! The buyer would have to use a pick-up truck and 4 men to move it whole or I could break it down to a pile of sticks…..but you would not have my help to put it back together, so plan wisely. I or any family member cannot move this loom ~ it must be done by someone not as old as me and my husband.  The sale includes the Purpleheart and Maple bench made by Jim custom for this loom!  There is storage under the top.  Please message me on Facebook to Cat Brysch Creations Studio or call me at 1-575-854-3451 for more information.  Additional photos can be provided.

Arkansas Apple Tree

I had the most wonderful letter from a lady in Arkansas – it’s copied below. Isn’t it wonderful to have such connection with where you live? As a very small child Dad took us all to visit a relative family in Western Arkansas. Saw them only that one time. They were subsistence farmers and had the most incredible foods that they grew. I have very fond memories of that visit about 67 years ago. I hope you have such wonderful memories too.

Hi, Jim…I am a friend of Carolien…and she was the one who introduced me to the Hokett Loom. I have since WON a second one in a Group I have for spinners in Ravelry. I won it from Jessica…of Weaving Rainbow. Gorgeous little thing! Anyway…since I now have TWO…I decided to weave the bigger of the two…and wanted to show you my first Hokett Tapestry. I have lived on my three acres in Arkansas for a little over 20 years. When we moved in, there was this OLD, OLD apple tree…that gave (not many) the most delicious apples. Then after about 10 years, two Woodpeckers started pecking the tree…and eventually killed it. I was sooooo very sad…so this is a tribute to my ‘little old apple tree.’ I used French Knots and embroidered leaves on the tree.

I am in the thinking stages for weaving a bookmark on my Tiny Hokett!

Your work is just amazing!! I have sung your praises everywhere!! Thank you for the amazing work you do!!


Hokett Goes to the UK!

Linda Rhynard went to the UK and reported:

“I took my loom on my vacation through England Scotland and Wales
I grabbed a bunch of random tapestry yarn and threw it in my bag just before I left for airport I was inspired by the views out of the tour bus and made it up as I went along
It’s not finished yet but thought you would enjoy knowing that there is always a loom in my bag or in the car.”

Well, Linda, I certainly do enjoy knowing that my looms are portable, even in the UK!  What a nice image – and I can tell that you must be having fun!  Thanks a bunch for sharing! I hope that everyone with my looms takes them on any trip, regardless of how far. They are such fun wherever you may be.

Visited my Primary Care Doc this morning. Report later…………………..


Free Looms (Out of stock 10/1/17)

Yep, free looms. Since I’ve been making my hand looms I’ve saved the ones that were not perfect, some damage, cosmetic variations, and so on. They find homes with people who use them for study or training. Even if a tooth or teeth might be missing, you can make do with a small brad or just weave to the sides – perhaps two projects at once, just narrower.
I’ve donated batches of these looms to children’s programs, arts & crafts groups, even an art program at a church. Well, I have quite a group of these looms available and taking up space. I’d love to share some with people or groups that could put them to good use. They are free and I ask that no charge be made to those who might actually use them – just ask for reimbursement for postage. There are probably 50 or more right now. So, if you are interested give me just a brief overview of how you might use them, and how many would work for you. I’d rather they serve groups rather than just one. Email me and talk.  Reply by the first of October?

Sorry but all of the imperfect looms are gone as of this morning.  The response was terrific and they all are going to situations appropriate.  Thanks to everyone who wrote about their needs.  When I get enough to post again, I’ll do so.

Another Example!

Here is an example of an original size loom project from Ellen Craft – I love seeing examples of what weavers with my little looms come up with. Thanks, Ellen, for sharing!
Yesterday and today I applied the finish to tools I just completed in the past few days – Tami beaters, #2 fringe twisters, and 1/2″ x 12″ shed sticks. They all look so nice, too. I’ll be doing large runs of both 6-dent and 8-dent original size looms very soon. I continue to be so amazed at how many looms and tools that the USPS ships out for me…. Thanks to all the weavers around the world that enjoy the efforts of Cat and my work. Cat continues turning TTB handles now, and honestly doing as well as I do. I’ve been turning since about 1996. Don’t consider myself an expert, but do pretty well, Cat is fantastic and I’m so proud of her.



Here are two of my favorite spirits – one a metal figure that Cat and I designed – and I welded. Some of the structure is from drill rod from Kelly Mine – just a few miles further up the mountain from us. It’s rusting nicely now – and will eventually be joined by more but smaller spirit forms.  You can see more of the Kelly Mine metals in other posts – showing the railing around our front and back decks.
The photo of Cat turning TTB handles on a wood lathe is my favorite “Spirit”. She’s the most wonderful and thoughtful spirit that I’ve ever encountered. Bless her for such boundless spirit in everything that she does. I am so fortunate to have her in my life and I’d do anything for her.
My own spirit remains so fresh and active. I stay as busy as I want but slowing a bit here and there. Most afternoons I have long naps and don’t always return to the shop. Our place looks so nice, thanks in great part to the energy of Cat. We love where we live!



I have made a great variety of needles used for weaving in my time. Four remain in my fare and have many available most of the time. The photo here shows, from left to right, the 5″ flat tapestry needle, 7″-8″ flat tapestry needle, naalbinding needle, and the needlestick (our name for the tool of our design). All are great for their intended purpose – and many fiber folks have alternate applications. A friend, Deb in Belen, New Mexico puts beads and decorations on yarn then thru the eye of the 5″ flat tapestry needle to use as shawl closures. And, so many others. Just wanted to share.

Our daughter Ann has expressed an interest in learning everything I do in my shop with focus to eventually take over for me when my tired old body screams to quit.  She’s a marevelous crafter of all things she tries and I’m so proud of her for everything she does.  We’ll see how our discussions turn out over the next year or so.  I know that there are very very many more quality female woodworkers than are shown in all the magazines.  I just know that her work would be just as good as mine, a prerequisite of mine for anyone taking over when I’m ready.  I’m already slowing down, voluntarily and at my doctors direction…..  Everything in my new price list is in great stock right now.