Weaving Chile

Well, what Lori Adams in Florida did was unique. Being transplanted from Taos and a weaver, and a Huge fan of Hatch, NM green chile – this photo shows her dedication. Not just burgers and the like to add that wonderful roasted chile to – but how to use it as a weft on the little loom! How wonderful and thanks to Lori for sharing.
Still intensely setting up the shops anew – sold many pieces of equipment, gave some away, and pitched a few. The new large wood lathe is fully prepared to help me make new and wonderous things. The last time I did a large run of bowls was right before a show in College Station, Texas. I had the most wonderful variety and stunning quality bowls…. Even an examples of burls so remarkable…… Every one sold the first day – one lady bought 3 to use as a display in her office…. Not the first or last time that’s happened. Well, my “Bowl Room” is full of bowl blanks ready to move on to the next life. One, about 8 x 8 x 6 is of the most stunning example of Amboyna Burl in history, I believe…… It will not be the first to be reborn, but in the mix. A new set of wonderful wood lathe chisels will be part of the new creations…. Watch this blog….
Fall seems to be coming to our Mountains in New Mexico – the annual ‘monsoon’ is so nice. The desert is blooming again but some cactus gave up the ghost due to it being so dry for so long…. I’m ready! Cat and I painted the first coat of white on the walls of the new garage. In a few days the floor will be done too. It’ll have time to cure well before moving the Corvette back home. The ’41 Ford Pickup is being assembled with all the new parts. Nice stuff happening.
Health stuff surfacing. Several appointments are set and I’m ready for whatever. Getting an MRI of my brain. I just know it’s sure to come back negative………….

Hey, isn’t my beaded vulture by De’Andrea the neatest thing you ever saw or what!

Peace to everyone. I hope for good stuff all around.