Hokett Would Work is CLOSED

Just as a reminder, my business is closed and I have zero stock of anything. I do not believe that any of the dealers I used to support have any stock either. Health issues of myself and my wife Cat dictated we be near competent medical care. Hence, our move last October here to Alamogordo, NM. The very advanced hospital here recently started at $65 Million expansion – so we’re in good hands.

Our new home here is coming together. The custom cabinets have been installed and the granite countertops are to be installed today. Much other update activity has taken place as well. I’m having a workshop built in the back – but Tuff Shed is really really dragging their feet – breaking promises of performance constantly. I’d recommend them for absolutely nothing. We now have no grass – it’s all rock landscaping. A patch of dirt remains – remnants of the dog run of the previous owner. We’ll have soil enrichment tilled into that area (about 10 x 18) and make it a wildflower garden in memory of our dear dog, Pepper, that we lost last Christmas Eve.

The workshop will be for storage and lapidary work! I was a rockhound for many years and will be returning to that very enriching activity soon. Not so much out in the desert searching for material but cutting and polishing rocks collected by others. I’ll visit the Deming Rockhound Roundup in March to shop for equipment and cutting material.

I wish all my wonderful fiber friends from around the world great success and happiness! All our art is now on display in our home – it feels so warm! Our daughter Ann moves here with David in March! How absolutely fantastic!