Older Than Dirt

Age. It happens to all of us – doesn’t it…. Sometimes people just don’t act their chronological age – many don’t really ‘feel’ their age, but it catches up with us all.
Today we were in Socorro on a few errands. Four years ago a deer jumped from bushes into the path of our new truck. Unable to avoid hitting it, the damage disabled the truck. Tow truck, weeks of repair time, it was returned in great conditon. Yes, it’s been a few years but we finally started looking for a substantial guard for the truck, fearing another unplanned deer encounter. Of course we are looking for prevention or at least great reduction in potential damage to the truck.
We stopped at a business that installs such guards on trucks. The person was really helpful and gave us a lot of information. We’ll look around a bit, but more than likely we’ll buy one from his shop. We were about to leave when conversation turned personal. I revealed that I grew up in Artesia, NM. Coincidental. This gentleman said he did too, graduating in 1984. I said I did in 1964 – his response was that it was the year he was born…… And, mentioned his grandchildren…………
How did I take that? He was born the year I graduated from high school and has GRANDCHILDREN. Timing – I could be a Great Grandpa…….. 1946. Makes me 112, right?
NOW I have a different outlook on my own age. And, I’ve been cutting back. Good reason. Regardless, I embrace every moment of my life and appreciate surviving all of the significant events of my past. It’s just that I’m not through with ‘events’ – and look forward to many more and more frequent rides on my motorcycles and the Corvette. See, I’ve never been this age before, so every day is an adventure. I still have all of my marbles just like Toodles in Robin Williams’ “Hook”.

Wholesale Only

It is time for me to make a critical change in my business. Effective November 1, 2017 all sales are limited to wholesale sales only. My health is just not what I would prefer – and the intense effort to keep up with so many orders from individuals is too much for me to keep up with. I do believe handling far fewer orders – shops only – is something that I can handle well. Well, at least for the time being.

My doctor has told me to quit the fiber tool business. Background isn’t especially important, but I am listening. It’s that or just put my affairs in order. Wholesale only will most certainly extend my abilities to produce quality tools. Working smarter is good too. All of my work is MINE – with the exception of the instrumental help that Cat gives – she’s turning tools on the lathe, cutting loom teeth on the band saw, and some other very important tasks. I could NOT continue without help. Since my doctor visit I’ve not worked more than three hours a day and no afternoons. So far I’m keeping up, but then I have a huge backstock of most tools.

Shops are encouraged to build their stock of my work – I’m not certain how much I’ll be able to do. I do have visions of perhaps getting down to just hand looms and the tools to go along.  If you’re a shop and don’t currently buy from me – write if you would like.  If you’re near a shop – look to them for my work, or ask me and I’ll direct you to one.   And, ask your favorite shop to carry my work.  Two major shops that are online are:  The Woolery and A Weaver’s Loft.  My very long term preference is to just do artsy stuff – welding, super fine boxes and bowls, special stuff like that. And, lots of time for us to go on motorcycles and trips in the Corvette. I’m wearing out and want to preserve my abilities as long as possible. Cat continues to weave most days – but gardening is perhaps more important than before….

I LOVE what I do – and will not ever completely retire and do nothing.  There is sawdust in my veins, you know.  Please understand that I value every one of you.