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Snow Melt


Most of our snow has melted. A couple of days ago I was able to back the car out of the garage and give it a bath. Yesterday we drove it to Albuquerque for a few errands. It’ll be several days till the mud around the Bike House is dry enough to ride them as well. We’ve missed them both terribly! We do still have a couple of feet of snow in the shade.
This afternoon Cat and I dug about 1/2 of the trench from the power pole to the barn. A friend will install electric there – after 13 years of ‘dealing’. He’ll also do some equipment rewiring to 220 – more efficient and powerful
I’ve been working as hard as I can on stock. So many things are in that status of “build more NOW” – and am making great progress. Cat’s been helping quite a bit and I appreciate her so! Mini-warping reels, End-of-Warp shuttles, Nottles, and fancy dancy boxes are in the mill, along with several others. Last year was the very best by far ever for me – and the first full year without a show since about 1997. No more. Too much effort for my aging old body. I do have more than one hitch in my gitalong.
I’ll be moving all of my automotive signs to the garage soon – I painted a full 24′ wall today – having all of them there will be great fun! We’ll install a new floor in there soon. Good caulking and foam sealers have improved dust comtrol – needed as the road going by our place is dirt. I’ll do some surgery on the garage door here very soon – and that will complete making it an appropriate home for the car.
And, I’m so proud of our Grandson, Issac! He’s been doing so well in school – absolutely loves to read – and looking at some AP courses. Of course, Grandpa and Grandma are proud!
Best wishes to everyone this fantastic 2016!


4 thoughts on “Snow Melt

  1. Belated new year greetings. So happy for you. That you seem to be doing well and 2015 was good for you and Cat. Our two boys have also give us two grandchildren. We have an almost 3 year old boy (February 2016) and a two month old girl, born November 2015. We spent the holidays with them and feel so empty now! But I am keeping busy with new weaving projects. My husband sold his business and we are planning to move to a warmer climate! Won’t be anywhere near you!

  2. Well, Congratulations on retirement to come! Warmer climate? Great – we’ve been pretty cool this winter, but we also love having actual seasons. That’s unlike San Antonio where it’s muggy and hot or more muggy and hotter. We love our mountains dearly.
    Best to you and your hubby

  3. Thanks, Jan. I’ve not been doing a lot of new things – still scrambling to keep up with what I do make. However, my mind remains active – though sometimes involuntarily……. Getting old can be fun!

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