Going, Going…………

All good things do come to an end. The fiber tool part of my business is almost completely gone. I’ll be liquidating what’s left in the next few days to my largest dealers who have the capacity – at appropriate prices. More on this soon.
I cannot begin to explain how I appreciate the support of so many fine people in my 25 years at doing all this… I’m tired and worn out.  I’ve tried to keep still about so many overtly copying my work, even one Very large loom manufacturer who literally copied the concept and layout for my little looms and tools in kits, even showing examples of work on “their” looms exactly as I have been doing for Years.  They should be ashamed, but apparently have no honor.  I know the owner and thought he was better than that.  I do not wish them well.  Many of my customers have written me about that sham.  I’m betting that thousands have noticed the skimming of intellectual property as well…………………………….
Complete mechanical and electrical updating on the ’41 Ford F1 is going well and should be done July’ish. Very anxious and still patient…..
Cat’s issues are at least named. Some treatment is available thru pharma. We hope for at least improvement with her balance issues.
Cat’s trike and my Honda Fury sold. Custom chopper has not so I brought it back home. I”ll ride it now and then, sometimes with Cat as a passenger. Would love to sell it – and thinking of giving it to someone I respect a lot…..
Tomorrow inventory of what’s left in my stock. Did some shop cleaning this morning but NO production!
More very soon…….



Good Morning! It’s a bright sunny but windy Sunday morning here in New Mexico. Chilly night but nice day. I would be in the shop today but taking the day to help Cat in her studio. She has helped me so much in the past and now it’s my turn.
Several of my stock items are gone – I will not be making any more weaving tools or looms. Such a new thing for me – Nothing to make – don’t have a thousand looms in-progress. Am packing and mailing LOTS of orders for dealers – some remarkably large.
You see above an example of what Jewell in Michigan wove. It’s a beautiful piece and it’s obvious that she loves making beautiful things. How’s that for someone almost 80?
I’ll be posting my Going Out of Business Sale notice very soon. I’ve loved sharing my abilities for the past 25 years with so many many weavers, spinners, and other fiber artists. I hope that every tool and loom and drop spindle has been loved and used. I cannot continue……………
Fondly, Jim

Leigh’s Towels

Here are towels that Leigh made using one of my mini-warping reels to measure the warp. Aren’t they neat or what! It’s wonderful to see the results of weavers using my tools. I hope that everyone who has any of my work has great successes as well.

Special Samples and Stress

Jeane shared photos of two small tapestries with me – and I’d like for you to take a look. I should write a book about all the images that such wonderful people share with me. I’m impressed! All of them are wonderful!
Working on my last two runs of fiber tools. Terribly stressed about so much going on. The most intense source of stress is our Corvette. AC issues since the day we bought it 2-1/2 years ago. It has been in the service department of Reliable and Casa Chevy for a total of several MONTHS, where it is now. They have duplicated the problem several times yet have no idea what to do. The GM service tech specialist is at a loss. Now, Casa says they will keep it till they fix it! It’s time that GM and Casa stand up and be simply reasonable. They need to buy me out of it or put me in a new Corvette equipped like ours. Practically, I have the impression that they must have a waiting list of employees to take joy rides and drive it home every night. The co-owners, Mark Wiggins and Bob Tabor told me that they would do whatever they needed to to “make it right”… Well, they haven’t and at this point I’m not sure they will. I’ve left two messages for Bob, but no return. Mark did make good on a terrible new ’11 Silverado HD. It’s time for him to honor his word. My honor is good, even to the little fat wantabe cheerleader.


Samples and Stuff

Good Morning this Easter day!
I have a couple of samples two of my customers have woven and shared with me – now to you too…. The one on the left is from Val and the right one is from Linda. Still, I absolutely LOVE the variety!
Last week we took all of our motorcycles to a consignment bike shop in Albuquerque – Smoky’s. He is a real gentleman who will be sure they go to deserving riders. We miss them already. Friday we towed the 1941 Ford pickup to Santa Fe – for very major mechanical work. It will have dash, gauges, seat, battery relocation and other inside work. But, the bottom end – new drivetrain complete including disc brakes, and a high performance Chevy 350 and compatible auto and complete new suspension & steering. The truck just sat too low – so that was my initial focus. It grew…. Stephen of Green Monkey Coachworks is a world class builder – we feel so very lucky to have ran across him. I promised to be very very patient – his work is pure Art…
Making headway on final runs of weaving tools – just two more runs to go then I will not be producing anything else. I do have a good stock of most everything, but am negotiating with several dealers for ALL of some individual tools. I still look to about mid-June to shut down. I regret doing this, but medical issues are shouting for me to do so. I get older every day…….  I look forward to bowls, boxes, welded sculptures, and lots of drives in the Corvette and ’41 Ford.
I wish everyone a safe holiday.

Changing Gears

Changing Gears

I’m so tired. My old body is wearing out. I’m old. While the old cowboy rides away into the sunset, it’s time for me to take another look at my life. My health is failing. My Primary Care doctor sat about 6” from my nose last year and told me to either quit my fiber tool business or just to put my affairs in order. I listened and set into motion Changing Gears. Cat is dealing with a serious health issue. I work far too much, too long, too often. I’m not a cowboy but I’m going to spend more time looking at sunsets in lieu of paying attention to fabricating fiber tools.

Therefore, I am going to really retire – and limit my activities in my shops to fun stuff like bowls, boxes, welded sculptures, even kid’s toys. My long and exceptionally intense career making fiber tools is almost over. Mid-year is my goal to sell out of all the looms and tools. If they sell out sooner, it’s the better for me. Almost everything right now is in good stock. There are only about a dozen exotic #6 looms right now, but I’ll be making runs of both those looms and #6 intermediates. Just today I completed 650 of the 5” flat needles. Two days ago I finished oiling 100 Walnut and 300 BEM #6 original looms. There are several very large orders I’ve accepted – and will be making those in the next few weeks. I hope to cease production by the middle of April.

No big sales are planned at this time, but who knows? A few dealers will be offered deals to buy all that are left of a few tools. Dealers are invited to request runs of anything in my price list – if possible I’ll accept them, but it all depends on a multitude of issues.

I’ve not advertised anything at all, but a few shops have coincidentally approached me about buying my business. One is an outstanding candidate and nearby. I’d love for my business to continue, though not as “Hokett Would Work”. If anything comes of this situation, I’ll announce it here……

I’ve absolutely loved the almost 25 years of producing high quality fiber tools. I’ve not sold anything that I was aware that was not just right. A few other tool makers and several dealers have gone out of their way to impune my practices or abilities. Many makers have attempted to copy my work, but it seems no one can do them justice. One dealer in particular took me for thousands and refuses to pay for what she owes. I’d bet that she was the little fat girl who is still angry that she was not chosen to be a cheerleader in high school. As a man of honor, I’ll wish her well, though through teeth tightly clenched. I’ve never ever taken advantage of anyone and never will, but she might break her leg when she’s running around the yard tonight barking. People take credit for tools that Cat and I designed. How can people such as these look in the mirror while they brush their teeth? A few people have ordered tools and equipment, promising to pay, then skipping out just like the little fat rejected cheerleader.

I will continue to do the very best I can, but with not so long hours, without any priorities, without any urgency. It bothers me that this transition is much later than it should have been. But, Cat and I will really enjoy taking more frequent drives in the Corvette, the old ’41 Ford pickup, and watching sunsets with our little Pepper dog. I honestly wish every person well. Unfortunately so many people are incapable of being “good people”. I’m not quitting – just changing horses and gears.

Thankfully and Respectfully,