David & Daniel

Last summer David and Daniel, Great Nephews of mine, visited us here in Magdalena. Reconnecting with them was grand – and wish we could stay in contact. These photos are by Daniel – a major league super photographer. I’m so proud of them both.
8 of my 20 years in the USAF was in photography, especially during two years in Vietnam. It’s stunning to see the advances in photography since 1964………….. I now have a nice digital camera and a few lenses. Perhaps since I actually retired memorializing scenes my eyes see as important might reenter my activities. After leaving Vietnam in 1970 from my second year there – my hands did not touch another camera for decades…………………  Guess why……



Georgianna Student Samples

Georgianna lives in Idaho and fosters programs to introduce people, young and not so young, to weaving. I had shared a number of looms and tools with her to use in those programs last year. Here is a couple of samples done by her students! Isn’t it wonderful to have such people help others to learn weaving or what! The world is full of terrific people – just look and they are right there.
Still not and will not get back to tool making. Still working on my large run of welded spiders – and they are nearing completion. I’ll post when they are complete.
Also is a photo of me taken by Great Nephew Daniel last summer when he came with his brother David to pick up the chopper I gave him. B&W – Daniel is a remarkable photographer! Look him up in the Houston area, especially if you need a high quality photographer for weddings.  Two very neat young men.
Started wearing hearing aids just yesterday. We’ve been aware for awhile they were needed. Am ready to learn to embrace being able to hear again…. Getting old is not for sissies – too much time in noisy environments and did not wear hearing protection in the shop till damage was done…..



Great Grandboy @4 Months

How is this for a very happy neat Great Grandson!  23#!  Cat and I are so very proud!
Had a bad fall today when we were in Albuquerque. Left big toe at least badly sprained along with some bumps, bruises, and abrasions. So happy it was not worse, but then when you turn 112 stuff happens. That’s how old I feel sometimes. Still welding spider leg pieces together. It’s very great fun! All the large ones are ready for their faces – soon to come.
Sure am enjoying retirement!  Gonna kick back tomorrow and hope the toe heals some.


Idaho Art

image1 (9)I still have not made any weaving stuff except for Cat’s boat shuttle. Did run across some leftover tools and looms recently and decided to share them with a very fine friend in Idaho – Georgianna. She had been a very good customer for a number of years. She teaches outreach for weaving to kids and old folks mostly. So, it seemed appropriate to send her all those ‘found’ items! Since I spent 5 years in Idaho with the USAF, she responded with a number of “Idaho” items. One fave was an Idaho motorcycle license plate! It’s already hanged in the old Bike House. The photo is an example of Georgianna’s outreach. I still get such a kick out of feedback from the use of my weaving tools and looms……
Working on the spiders – today welded more leg pieces for the version that uses old bowling balls for the bodies…… I’m having FUN!


Cat and I constructed, painted, and mounted a couple of hundred wooden tiles to fit two spaces. We especially wanted a good place to hang a HUGE and heavy ceramic sun we acquired several years ago. Cat has an enormous collection of suns and moons – it’s incredible to see the variety and materials of so many around our living room walls. These tiles add to that display. And, added one of Pepper laying in the sun on the floor…..
Not doing a lot – but am working now and then on a very large run of steel spiders. Great fun working with metals…. Wood too, just not in that mode right now.
We have been dealing with lots of snow and very very cold lately…. Fun to look at and only shoveled enough to get off the front deck and a “path” for our little Pepper Dog….
Later, Jim

Christmas Eve

I’m sitting here on Christmas Eve counting blessings. First is my family – Cat, our sons, daughter & guy, daughter-in-law, and our only grandchild, Issac. And, countless other blessings. But so prominent on my mind right now is settlement of a bill from a dealer who bought several thousand dollars of tools when I was closing out my business. She sent a check to settle it all! My goodness, but such a blessing to resolve this very challenging situation that has had me bothered for so long…… Thank God for blessings of all – but especially on Christmas Eve………….

I’d like to wish each and every person the same feeling of good things!  The year to come is going to be a wonderful one!


Coraco de Negra

Some years ago a customer wrote asking for anything I might have in Coraco de Negra. Had none. Lost his address. If you’re out there please contact me and I’ll describe the two small pieces of that wood that I have. Cleaning up reveals the most surprising things, don’t they…….. It’s been more than 10 years since I had access to this interesting wood and have LOOKED, too…
So, if you’re that one, please write!