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Cat and I constructed, painted, and mounted a couple of hundred wooden tiles to fit two spaces. We especially wanted a good place to hang a HUGE and heavy ceramic sun we acquired several years ago. Cat has an enormous collection of suns and moons – it’s incredible to see the variety and materials of so many around our living room walls. These tiles add to that display. And, added one of Pepper laying in the sun on the floor…..
Not doing a lot – but am working now and then on a very large run of steel spiders. Great fun working with metals…. Wood too, just not in that mode right now.
We have been dealing with lots of snow and very very cold lately…. Fun to look at and only shoveled enough to get off the front deck and a “path” for our little Pepper Dog….
Later, Jim


4 thoughts on “Tiles

  1. What a lovely, unique, and comfortable home you and Cat have, Jim! I love all of the handmade touches that you and Cat have created. You and Cat live the true mark of a “Maker’s” home!

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