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Christmas Eve

I’m sitting here on Christmas Eve counting blessings. First is my family – Cat, our sons, daughter & guy, daughter-in-law, and our only grandchild, Issac. And, countless other blessings. But so prominent on my mind right now is settlement of a bill from a dealer who bought several thousand dollars of tools when I was closing out my business. She sent a check to settle it all! My goodness, but such a blessing to resolve this very challenging situation that has had me bothered for so long…… Thank God for blessings of all – but especially on Christmas Eve………….

I’d like to wish each and every person the same feeling of good things!ย  The year to come is going to be a wonderful one!



7 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Patience is trusting in Gods timing, everything happens when it is supposed to. Giving thanks for blessings received and those coming our way…… Love, light, and life to you and your family 24/7/365. Merry Christmas..

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