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Cat’s Boat

Here is a photo of the only weaving tool I’ve made since retiring.  It’s for Cat!  The wood is a very fine Spalted Western Maple Burl that is resin impregnated – that makes it solid and much more durable.  I bought this stick from Bell Forest about 10 years ago I think – simply because it was so pretty, with no plan for working.  It finally told me what it wanted to be – and here it is!  The Nottle body is from the same stick – the lid to the Nottle is Verawood.  She seems to approve…..

Still not doing a whole lot – been busy mostly with learning how to not have a job.  So many things I had put off for years because of being so busy.  The shop is quite fit and ready for whenever I’m inspired.  We have done a lot of things around the house and place.  Everything looks wonderful

Here is wishing everyone has a marvelous holiday/Christmas everything.  We’ll be quiet this year again….   Looking forward when the ’41 Ford truck is ready – hopefully now by early Spring.

Later,  Jim


6 thoughts on “Cat’s Boat

  1. Hi Jim, The shuttle and bottle are exquisite. That wood is so gorgeous. I ordered a beater you made from The Woolery, just because you made it and they still had some. I now have a Hockett collection in my weaving tools. Love them all and you and Cat, also.

    • Thanks, Judy, I love getting such feedback! There are a few dealers who have some of my work left around. I really won’t be making more. Such a joy for so long, but I wore myself out…….. Jim

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