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Skulls & Flowers

Well, I’ve broken stride and did some actual ‘stuff’! You’ll see the cow skulls I’ve decorated so far. Still learning what to do and what looks good. My Parkinson’s limits what I can with my right hand, but the left is learning and is steadier than the right. A Huge thank you to our dear friends, Glenn and Sue Waller. They collected these skulls from their quite impressive ranch West of Artesia with more to come. It’s been great fun working on them and is the first real ‘production’ I’ve done since quitting…  I’ve known Glenn for OVER 60 years.  He’s a very dear friend.

You’ll see photos of Cat’s Mums and Morning Glories. She does such magnificent work in her gardens. I love helping her whenever I can. Next Spring early I’ll put in a bunch of roses in the back garden raised bed that we worked on to prepare.  Cat did a whole lot more than me to get it ready. She’s such a fun lady!  All we  have to do is dig the hole, add my secret sauce, and plant.  When I was in Alamogordo, NM in the early 1980’s my roses were enormous!

The old Ford truck is progressing. We visit it next week to see progress. I’ll take a few photos to show what it looks like now. Cat and I are Very anxious to bring it back home. Stephen is such an expert – everything he does is right or it’s not done.

We have a son in San Antonio, TX that needs a job. Anyone knowing about something – put a little salt on it and I’ll let him know. He is a magnificent chef – and Everything else….. Hook him up working and I’ll make you all the weaving tools you ever want for your personal use…..



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