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Judy’s Tapestry

Here is a great example of a tapestry on one of my little looms by Judy Anderson of Goodlettsville Tennessee! Isn’t this neat or what! Judy is a friend from HGA in the past. I appreciate her sharing this really nice photo.
STILL working on organizing my shop after so long of ‘nuttin. I’m almost to the point of actually making things again. Again – for FUN only. Stuff coming up like delinquent dealers paying bills….. Who would have thought this in the fiber world? The old Ford pickup continues to advance in reassembly with all the new parts… Cant’ wait!
Rain is a blessing and we’ve really been blessed. The shop has now 4 new leaks. Gotta wait on our roofer who’s very busy. Plumbing issue yesterday – the air cooler froze up – the former plumber had incorrectly installed a pulley and it finally said WHOA! New one did justice and we’re cool-able again. Today is quite cool so no more today.
Heard from the oldest boy yesterday. Hard time finding a job in San Antonio. We sure miss the kids – all in their 40’s now. The Grandboy, Issac, is about to turn 14! Great school reports, grew 6″ in the past very few months and gained two shoe sizes this summer. He’s as tall as his Dad now!
Hang in there and enjoy life every moment, dear ones.



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