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Tools of Mine

Barb Gallagher of A Weaver’s Loft in Guilford, Indiana has purchased ALL of my remaining stock. She will be picking it up the weekend after the Fourth and returning home but she has tools of mine now. This was an EXTREMELY significant transaction. I hope that you’ll contact her if you’re interested in my tools and equipment. I have absolutely nothing left. Barb’s email is: barb@weaversloft.com and her URL is: weaversloft.com.
I’m still reconfiguring my shops and have not made anything for weeks. Well, today I welded a steel shelf for the new garage housing the car. The ’41 ‘house’ got a new garage door and floor finished today….. The old stereo sounds fantastic, especially the 60’s rock and roll at a very high volume in the wood shop… Though, you can hear it from a long way away……


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