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Mary sent photos of her first work on one of my looms – see September 24, 2017 for “Arkansas Apple Tree”. It comes to mind that she’s had a hitch in her git-along with a broken leg and a difficult recovery. Let’s all wish her a good recovery and relaxed time warping and weaving on her two little Hokett Looms! Arkansas is such a pretty state – I spent a year at Jacksonville with Little Rock AFB working on the photographic systems for the B-58 Hustler bomber from 1968-1969 – between my two voluntary years in Vietnam. What fun I had just driving the country roads and visiting little country stores with pickle barrels on the porch – and finding fishing spots just for fun.
I’m still learning how to be ‘retired’. A couple of days ago I did finish installing and making operational my very old school component stereo system. The huge speakers still need to be lifted to their new ‘home’ about 7′ off the floor. I’ll get help for that. One of the CD decks uses cartridges of up to 6 CD’s at a time, and I have about 10 of them. Even with ear protectors I’ll be able to hear the music…..
Wishing all fathers everywhere a grand and great good day this Father’s Day!


One thought on “Mary

  1. Thank you, Jim. Yes…I broke the femur in my right leg…and it is AMAZING and INCREDIBLE the surgeries they do now! I have a 10mm metal rod from hip to knee..and came home from the hospital late yesterday. I am actually WALKING, using the walker as my ‘crutches.’ I will not be online as much…so I am going to have LOT of ‘downtime’ to do different crafts.

    That is wonderful, your memories of Arkansas. It IS a totally lovely state! We have been here 21 years and have no intentions of leaving our ‘little slice of heaven.’

    Thank you, again, for the kind well wishes!

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