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It’s a Wrap

All good things come to an end. This morning saw a commitment to sell all of my remaining fiber tool and equipment to a large dealer. Details later. I’m very very happy. Several large dealers did their thing in the past few months. They all will represent my work well, including Every dealer regardless of size.
On another matter, I’ll likely soon be gifting my custom chopper to a grand nephew! Some details to work out, but hope it will go to him in the next several weeks to a few months. I want to ride it a bit before seeing it go to such a very deserving home. Details later.
Spending lots of time in the shops cleaning, rearranging, and throwing away. The back of the truck is cram packed with mostly cardboard tightly packed to take to recycling tomorrow. This is all a result of selling everything and packing to mail. We recycle anyway, but this is major.
We’re staying busy and doing what we can, however less and differently than ever before. Life is good to those who take a few minutes to just appreciate every breath we take.
The ’41 Ford Pickup is progressing — it’s being reassembled with all the new parts replacing all mechanical and electrical. I”m hoping to find a good home for the drivetrain.  It’s in great shape and original to the truck. Ford Flatheads Forever! I learned to drive in Dad’s 1950 Ford pickup and its V-8 flathead – perhaps the most reliable engine in history.

Later, Jim


6 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. A new beginning… Hope it brings joy and smiles!
    (ps I finally have 2 looms & accessories on order – thank you! )

  2. It is rather special. Here I am, on the other side of the world, discovering your work just when you are retiring.
    I am very grateful for this “timing”. I am in awe of your work, all that beautiful handmade work you have done for so many years, and very happy to be able to order a loom that hopefully soon will cross the ocean to find it’s way to Europe.
    Thank you Mr. Hokett for sharing, giving your time and so much energy into this work and the weavers who live in it.
    I wish you well, I hope that there will be many more years enjoying and living to come for you and your loved ones.
    Best wishes and kind regards,
    Annette from the Netherlands

    • Thank You, Annette! Such a wonderful letter helping me accept retiring. 25 years of fiber tools, and I’ve worked for 69 years… Now, a more relaxed day every morning – wondering what bit of creativity to release. I’ll be inventorying/woods from the very last huge bunch for a special dealer the next few days. A video cabinet for us, then on to fine bowls, boxes, welded sculptures, and fun things like kid’s toys………………….. I look forward to it all. It’s been a joy seeing my work go around the world and even “Down Under”. I hope that everyone finds the joy in my work that I did making it all. Bless you!
      Jim from the high mountain desert of New Mexico, USA

  3. Jim, I’m sorry to hear that you are getting out of the business that you love so much… I was the lady that submitted  “the first one” back in 2017.   You encouraged me to keep weaving,, we did purchase a larger loom, a rapid weave,, Which I consider more of a starter loom,,My husband decided he wanted to work with that, so I haven’t had a chance to play yet.  I still love my small Hokett looms, and love making small pieces of woven art.  I wish you well in the future,, the older we get the harder life can be, but keep the faith and find something you love to do,, that’s what we want to do as well… Thanks again for all the art you have inspired in people all over the country!  Lorraine Kramer..

    • Lorraine
      Thank you for such a warm and encouraging letter! Yes, I’ll ALWAYS be busy with stuff – doing just fun things will be my future. Might get to the 40′ Buzzard suspended between two phone poles! Goodness always to you and your husband.

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