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Going, Going…………

All good things do come to an end. The fiber tool part of my business is almost completely gone. I’ll be liquidating what’s left in the next few days to my largest dealers who have the capacity – at appropriate prices. More on this soon.
I cannot begin to explain how I appreciate the support of so many fine people in my 25 years at doing all this… I’m tired and worn out.  I’ve tried to keep still about so many overtly copying my work, even one Very large loom manufacturer who literally copied the concept and layout for my little looms and tools in kits, even showing examples of work on “their” looms exactly as I have been doing for Years.  They should be ashamed, but apparently have no honor.  I know the owner and thought he was better than that.  I do not wish them well.  Many of my customers have written me about that sham.  I’m betting that thousands have noticed the skimming of intellectual property as well…………………………….
Complete mechanical and electrical updating on the ’41 Ford F1 is going well and should be done July’ish. Very anxious and still patient…..
Cat’s issues are at least named. Some treatment is available thru pharma. We hope for at least improvement with her balance issues.
Cat’s trike and my Honda Fury sold. Custom chopper has not so I brought it back home. I”ll ride it now and then, sometimes with Cat as a passenger. Would love to sell it – and thinking of giving it to someone I respect a lot…..
Tomorrow inventory of what’s left in my stock. Did some shop cleaning this morning but NO production!
More very soon…….


14 thoughts on “Going, Going…………

    • Good Morning, Maggie
      Thank you for your comment! I have absolutely loved what has been such a joy to do for so long. I will enjoy retirement greatly! Slowing down and smelling the flowers of life is a good thing. Returning to the early ’60’s will be great fun too with the ’41 Ford pickup and new Corvette.

  1. Stephanie – Thank you for your wishes – I”ll take note and enjoy it all. This morning is bright, clear, and calm. I’ll wash the Corvette as we’ll take a ride tomorrow. Did I say I was slowing down? Yep – just different gears.

  2. Thank you, Jim. For all your fine work, prompt strand always always your kindness and encouragement. Wishing you and Cat the very best.

    • Kantu, Such wonderful customers like you kept it fun. Today has been so calm and peaceful – even took a short ride on the chopper……. Cat and I will excel at retirement! Thank You!

  3. Thank you for your loom and tools and wonderful customer service. Sorry to hear about the the blatant theft of your designs, because really, YOU are THE BEST and my little beloved loom is the ONLY Hokkett-type loom in my life!!! 😀 I am using your loom to weave in my retirement. I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I do mine. Hugs to you and your wife.

      • Well Arielle, I answer to lots of things – just don’t call me late for supper. It’s interesting, I often get checks from customers and on the envelope it’ll say “HOKETT WOULD WORK” and the next line “JIM HOCKETT”. My Mom used to say that “There’s no sea in Hokett, it’s all dry land”…………. Jim

    • Thank you, Arielle! Goodness but how I love making sawdust, but age and health has caught up. I’ll still do some stuff, just not like I had been able to. Jim

  4. Jim, I adore my tools made by you – including 3 Hokett looms. Enjoy the next phase of your life and know that you are loved and treasured by all the owners of your tools. Be well.

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