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Good Morning! It’s a bright sunny but windy Sunday morning here in New Mexico. Chilly night but nice day. I would be in the shop today but taking the day to help Cat in her studio. She has helped me so much in the past and now it’s my turn.
Several of my stock items are gone – I will not be making any more weaving tools or looms. Such a new thing for me – Nothing to make – don’t have a thousand looms in-progress. Am packing and mailing LOTS of orders for dealers – some remarkably large.
You see above an example of what Jewell in Michigan wove. It’s a beautiful piece and it’s obvious that she loves making beautiful things. How’s that for someone almost 80?
I’ll be posting my Going Out of Business Sale notice very soon. I’ve loved sharing my abilities for the past 25 years with so many many weavers, spinners, and other fiber artists. I hope that every tool and loom and drop spindle has been loved and used. I cannot continue……………
Fondly, Jim


5 thoughts on “Jewell’s

  1. Jim, all of us have or will reach a point in our lives where it is time to let go of our working activity a do something else. But as wrenchingly as that can be it also opens a door to many new possibilities. I will miss your active presence in the weaving part of my life but you will still be there in your tools and I will think of you as I continue to use them. You see, weaving is something I started after I “retired” from the working part of my life. I wish you all the best as you move on in the next stage of your life. Dawn

    • Thank you, Dawn, for your kind words and encouragement. Right now I’m working harder than ever and with mostly longer days trying to quit! Enormous orders to dealers everywhere – look around and you might find one that has some of my work! Jim

    • Rosie
      My how much I appreciate your very kind words. That sort of thing is what has kept me doing everything I could. Can’t any more. But, your words will echo in my soul. Thank You.

  2. Absolutely love your looms. I now have the tiny, regular & intermediate looms, both in 6 & 8 dent. I’m looking into purchasing the large loom & wondered if you make anything larger??? I’m sorry to have JUST found your looms & know you are getting ready to retire😞 but totally understand & wish you only the best!!!

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