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Samples and Stuff

Good Morning this Easter day!
I have a couple of samples two of my customers have woven and shared with me – now to you too…. The one on the left is from Val and the right one is from Linda. Still, I absolutely LOVE the variety!
Last week we took all of our motorcycles to a consignment bike shop in Albuquerque – Smoky’s. He is a real gentleman who will be sure they go to deserving riders. We miss them already. Friday we towed the 1941 Ford pickup to Santa Fe – for very major mechanical work. It will have dash, gauges, seat, battery relocation and other inside work. But, the bottom end – new drivetrain complete including disc brakes, and a high performance Chevy 350 and compatible auto and complete new suspension & steering. The truck just sat too low – so that was my initial focus. It grew…. Stephen of Green Monkey Coachworks is a world class builder – we feel so very lucky to have ran across him. I promised to be very very patient – his work is pure Art…
Making headway on final runs of weaving tools – just two more runs to go then I will not be producing anything else. I do have a good stock of most everything, but am negotiating with several dealers for ALL of some individual tools. I still look to about mid-June to shut down. I regret doing this, but medical issues are shouting for me to do so. I get older every day…….  I look forward to bowls, boxes, welded sculptures, and lots of drives in the Corvette and ’41 Ford.
I wish everyone a safe holiday.


4 thoughts on “Samples and Stuff

  1. Jim, Thanks so much for posting my piece. Also great to see other people’s work. I counted up today that I have 5 Hockett looms and over a dozen tools. So glad I stocked up before your retirement. Happy Easter!

  2. I am honored to see my tapestry on your blog, Jim! Thank you for including me. The other weaving featured is beautiful! I am in good company. Love your weaving products!

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