Christmas Eve

I’m sitting here on Christmas Eve counting blessings. First is my family – Cat, our sons, daughter & guy, daughter-in-law, and our only grandchild, Issac. And, countless other blessings. But so prominent on my mind right now is settlement of a bill from a dealer who bought several thousand dollars of tools when I was closing out my business. She sent a check to settle it all! My goodness, but such a blessing to resolve this very challenging situation that has had me bothered for so long…… Thank God for blessings of all – but especially on Christmas Eve………….

I’d like to wish each and every person the same feeling of good things!  The year to come is going to be a wonderful one!



Coraco de Negra

Some years ago a customer wrote asking for anything I might have in Coraco de Negra. Had none. Lost his address. If you’re out there please contact me and I’ll describe the two small pieces of that wood that I have. Cleaning up reveals the most surprising things, don’t they…….. It’s been more than 10 years since I had access to this interesting wood and have LOOKED, too…
So, if you’re that one, please write!

Cat’s Boat

Here is a photo of the only weaving tool I’ve made since retiring.  It’s for Cat!  The wood is a very fine Spalted Western Maple Burl that is resin impregnated – that makes it solid and much more durable.  I bought this stick from Bell Forest about 10 years ago I think – simply because it was so pretty, with no plan for working.  It finally told me what it wanted to be – and here it is!  The Nottle body is from the same stick – the lid to the Nottle is Verawood.  She seems to approve…..

Still not doing a whole lot – been busy mostly with learning how to not have a job.  So many things I had put off for years because of being so busy.  The shop is quite fit and ready for whenever I’m inspired.  We have done a lot of things around the house and place.  Everything looks wonderful

Here is wishing everyone has a marvelous holiday/Christmas everything.  We’ll be quiet this year again….   Looking forward when the ’41 Ford truck is ready – hopefully now by early Spring.

Later,  Jim

Making Stuff

Finally took photos of a few things I’ve made recently. Remember, I’m only doing things that are FUN!

The  ladybug was inspired having several scrap freon containers and wondering what to make of them.  One much earlier became the head of the very Pink pig…..  This bug has a 12″ diameter body, steel legs, cap head, brass antannae, and turquoise bead eyes…..  Such fun to make.

“The Little Chair.”  In 1954 my Father, Johnny, moved us to Artesia, NM.  That same year my Mom, Hallie, purchased a “Little Chair” at a yard sale for a dime.  She used that chair around the house until about 1988, when I talked her out of it.  Since then, I’ve made my version of that chair, sold quite a few , but have since given hundreds and hundreds to family and friends who were having or had a child.  I sometimes keep one in the car to give to a child at restaurants.  The “Little Chair” becomes a security blanket to children, as it’s perfect sized for toddlers.  Children will take them from room to room, and often will want to take it with them whenever they go somewhere.  It gives me great joy to share them, wishing that the child would come to love it as hundreds of other children have.  I used to stain and varnish them, but have since left them unfinished so that parents can stain, varnish, paint, or whatever finish they choose.

The reindeer is one of 18 new to the herd.  They are great to put a poinsettia or Christmas candy in, and such fun to make.  They are house trained, to boot.

I’ll continue to find other very fun things to make, but next is paperwork for my last year in business.  A chore I don’t look forward to, but necessary.  Following will be bowls…………………

Keep looking!


Great Grandpa!

Wow, never thought I’d live long enough to become a Great Grandpa! Ann and David’s daughter had a baby last night – Sebastian announced himself so well.  Sebastian is being held by his Grandpa David. I’m a happy man and so proud! Now, when can he start riding a Harley………………..

Visited my ’41 Ford Pickup to witness progress.  The frame was a total disaster and had to be completely rebuilt.  That’s done so now will come fitting the components.  The cab will be fitted in the very near future.  SO much to do.  Now, it looks like early Spring before I can finally drive it home……………………  I’m anxious, but patient.

I’ve been making fun things – a large herd of wooden reindeer, about to do a group of Very large ladybugs, and so much more.  If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.  Ah, retirement!  I’m filled with great joy.

Great Grandpa Jim

Skulls & Flowers

Well, I’ve broken stride and did some actual ‘stuff’! You’ll see the cow skulls I’ve decorated so far. Still learning what to do and what looks good. My Parkinson’s limits what I can with my right hand, but the left is learning and is steadier than the right. A Huge thank you to our dear friends, Glenn and Sue Waller. They collected these skulls from their quite impressive ranch West of Artesia with more to come. It’s been great fun working on them and is the first real ‘production’ I’ve done since quitting…  I’ve known Glenn for OVER 60 years.  He’s a very dear friend.

You’ll see photos of Cat’s Mums and Morning Glories. She does such magnificent work in her gardens. I love helping her whenever I can. Next Spring early I’ll put in a bunch of roses in the back garden raised bed that we worked on to prepare.  Cat did a whole lot more than me to get it ready. She’s such a fun lady!  All we  have to do is dig the hole, add my secret sauce, and plant.  When I was in Alamogordo, NM in the early 1980’s my roses were enormous!

The old Ford truck is progressing. We visit it next week to see progress. I’ll take a few photos to show what it looks like now. Cat and I are Very anxious to bring it back home. Stephen is such an expert – everything he does is right or it’s not done.

We have a son in San Antonio, TX that needs a job. Anyone knowing about something – put a little salt on it and I’ll let him know. He is a magnificent chef – and Everything else….. Hook him up working and I’ll make you all the weaving tools you ever want for your personal use…..


Judy’s Tapestry

Here is a great example of a tapestry on one of my little looms by Judy Anderson of Goodlettsville Tennessee! Isn’t this neat or what! Judy is a friend from HGA in the past. I appreciate her sharing this really nice photo.
STILL working on organizing my shop after so long of ‘nuttin. I’m almost to the point of actually making things again. Again – for FUN only. Stuff coming up like delinquent dealers paying bills….. Who would have thought this in the fiber world? The old Ford pickup continues to advance in reassembly with all the new parts… Cant’ wait!
Rain is a blessing and we’ve really been blessed. The shop has now 4 new leaks. Gotta wait on our roofer who’s very busy. Plumbing issue yesterday – the air cooler froze up – the former plumber had incorrectly installed a pulley and it finally said WHOA! New one did justice and we’re cool-able again. Today is quite cool so no more today.
Heard from the oldest boy yesterday. Hard time finding a job in San Antonio. We sure miss the kids – all in their 40’s now. The Grandboy, Issac, is about to turn 14! Great school reports, grew 6″ in the past very few months and gained two shoe sizes this summer. He’s as tall as his Dad now!
Hang in there and enjoy life every moment, dear ones.